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What’s up sewers and fabric hoarders!

I thought I’d pass along two dresses… both can be made to order… as usual, the first one is made in a size 6/8 so those are ready to ship!

Team Spirit dress in Lark by Amy Butler. Oh how I love this fabric… obviously, right!

Team Spirit dress in Lark by Amy Butler. Oh how I love this fabric… obviously, right!

Made to Order: Size 2-28

Ready to ship: Size Small (4/6…maybe even 8 if you’re small busted)

$68…. (Etsy price: $78)


Pantone's color of the year is pale purple. But let's be honest…I hate that color! This is my favorite print so far with any sort of purple in it. Just sayin'.

Pantone’s color of the year is pale purple. But let’s be honest…I hate that color! This is my favorite print so far with any sort of purple in it. Just sayin’.

Made to Order: any size!

Ready to Ship: size small (6/8)

$40 … (Etsy price: $55)

Just in case you’ve got a little Easter shopping to do!

Stay tuned…I’ve got a new tutorial coming ASAP!

love and fabric to all,


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Y’all, I sort of feel like I’ve been winning at poker…I’ve successfully completed TWO dresses in four days. Insert a squeal the height of my 7 year old!

Thanks to my “Sew What You Got” Challenge, I’m somehow ridiculously motivated to sew through every one of my gajillion patterns. And so far, I’m loving the results!

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about another fun idea I’m working on, but for tonight, here’s proof that I’m sewin’ what I’m sayin’.


The bodice started like this. While I LOVE this Amy Butler print, it was just missing a little something...

The bodice started like this. While I LOVE this Amy Butler print, it was just missing a little something…

So I went to my grandmother's stash of vintage lace!

So I went to my grandmother’s stash of vintage lace!

…and decided the bodice would look much better a little something like this!

…and decided the bodice would look much better a little something like this!

Finished garment looks a little something like this… LOVE!

Finished garment looks a little something like this… LOVE!

I really really love how it turned out. I sold this one but I've got more fabric… feeling like I need one too!

I really really love how it turned out. I sold this one but I’ve got more fabric… feeling like I need one too!

I really enjoyed making this pattern.

It was simple, fast and nothing was unexpected. I especially loved their pocket insertion directions… WAY easier and faster than most. I will definitely make this pattern again. Probably tomorrow!

Time: about 2.5 hours

Cost: about $9


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Well, I’m a little embarrassed about this… but I’ve had my shop open for about a week or so now….and I’ve NOT had a sale yet.


Let’s totally change that reality, shall we???

As I type this, I’m sitting in a cabin in Arkansas where it’s about 55 degrees. I can see on my weather app that it’s just about the same temperature in Austin.  WHAT. IS. GOING. ON. HERE????? This craziness must stop. I cannot go much longer without breaking a sweat, y’all. Agreed????

Here’s to hoping we can usher Spring in… with what else other than….

SEERSUCKER!   {Hollah!}

This is one of my favorite strapless dresses of all time. It's made to order… any size, length can be up to 33" from underarm to hemline.

This is one of my favorite strapless dresses of all time. It’s made to order… any size, length can be up to 33″ from underarm to hemline.

Regular Price: $68*


(That little asterisk just means that shipping is not included in price)

Here's a full length…albeit really bad photo…how did I ever not know this photo was like this? I digress….

Here’s a full length…albeit really bad photo…how did I ever not know this photo was like this? I digress….

And here is one of my all-time favorite photos and ways to wear this dress! Give a round of applause to Indiana Adams of AdoredAustin.com for modeling this so beautifully and pregnantly! (She's since gone on to be pregnant TWO more times… must be the dress!)

And here is one of my all-time favorite photos and ways to wear this dress! Give a round of applause to Indiana Adams of AdoredAustin.com for modeling this so beautifully and pregnantly! (She’s since gone on to be pregnant TWO more times… must be the dress!)

Okay now… If you too feel like Spring should do it’s thing… feel free to order one of these little ditties.

Here’s the fine print:

Sale Price: $45

Shipping: $5.65 for Priority, or FREE if you’re local.

Sale lasts: Thursday 3/13/14 – midnight Sunday 3/16/14

How to order: convo me here at my Etsy shop and I’ll set up a special listing just for you! This is a private – blog/FB sale! But please do feel free to spread the word to your pals, bridesmaids, daughters…you get the point!

love to all!

come on spring…. please…

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Despite the crazy cold weather we’re having, I’m feeling pretty confident that summer is just around the corner.  I would love for my afternoons to be filled with linen ruffles, pique fabric with strawberries, and all kinds of new dress patterns.  I’m pretty sure  that my afternoons will more likely consist of water bottles and kid conflict resolution.

In light of that – I should probably cram as much sewing in this month as I can, right???!!!

$35 Strapless Dress Revolution…hollah!

Here’s how it’s gonna work:

All dresses will be this style.  Some will have a matching sash if no coordinating fabric is available.

All dresses will be this style. Some will have a matching sash if no coordinating fabric is available.

Here are the rules:

1. Purchase HERE via the listing in my Etsy Parsimony Shop.

2. all dresses will be the style you see here.  Dress and matching sash.  You may request a coordinating sash…if possible I will accommodate, but not necessarily.

3. I pick the fabric.  You may give me some guidance (i love cool colors, no black please, etc, but I get to choose.  Don’t worry – I don’t like ugly fabric!)

4. yes, I’ll make it your size.

5. all dresses will be approximately 30″ from underarm to hemline.  This fits pretty much every size/height.  If you need it shorter, let me know.  I cannot, at this price make it longer.  But I still love you.  =)

If you’d like something more custom, please feel free to purchase one of the regular listings in my shop – I’d be happy to create something very unique just for you.  However, if you’d like a darling, versatile, breezy strapless dress for summer – I think I’ve got just what you need!!!

Offer good from May 2, 2013 – May 12, 2013.

PS: I reserve the right to end the sale sooner if my load gets too full.

LYLAS y’all!

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Hi friends!!!  Even though I have been saying this for EVERY post the last 6 months, it makes me feel better to say it again …

Gosh, it’s good to be back!

Right now, I’m escaping the heat of Austin AND the tight quarters of our temporary housing by vacationing in the AMAZING Beaver Creek, Colorado!!!!!  It’s okay to drool over this y’all.

I”m going a little crazy not being at all creative…except that one could argue the creativity of creation can speak for itself, right!?!  Still, with an urge to create after having my shop on vacation all summer – I thought it might be time for another round of Dress Revolution!  Holler if you hear me.

Three Options this time around!!!  You’ll want to read all of them, I’m pretty sure…

Option #1

$5 Lined Zipper Pouch – perfect for makeup, traveling, school supplies, etc.

These are so fun – I love making them, I love receiving them!  For your $5, I’ll pick out your fabrics but you can give me some ideas … like “for a boy”, or “no green please”, or “I love pink.”  You get the picture.

Click HERE to order.

Option #2

$30 Strapless Tunics (just a little shorter than a dress…perfect with jeans, leggins, or as a mini dress for those of you will killer gams!)

This photo shows how cute these are with button-ups underneath which make them very versatile for cooler weather….. I hear there are parts of the world that experience this. I wore my christmas plaid version this way, and I got RAVE reviews. Just sayin’.

For this round – if you’d like a print, I do the picking but you can offer guidelines as mentioned above.  ALSO – A Facebook friends suggested doing these in  your favorite sports team colors….GENIUS!  I’m up for this!  If you choose to go this route, you can pick two colors if you want – a main color, and a color for a contrasting band along the bottom and for the sash.

Click HERE to purchase.

Option #3

$49 Team Spirit Dresses!

Super cute in solids OR prints!

For these dresses, you can pick your color!  If you’d like a print, I get to pick but again, you can give me some guidelines.

Click HERE to purchase.


Why oh Why do I get to pick the prints???

Well, it’s just SOOOOO stinking hard to coordinate what prints are available because there are a million options.  Then, I have to keep up with what’s sold out, what’s been discontinued.  Trust me, it’s a nightmare!  I will definitely consider your guidelines and do my absolute best to send you a pouch and/or dress that you LOVE!  How’s that!
Okay y’all … I hope you can find something you like because I’m going to be pretty bored once I get home…Keep me busy please!!!

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On mother’s day, I had a sick child and a sick husband.  So I spend the morning cleaning the house, doing laundry, and cooking.  Dreamy, right!?!  WRONG!

It was also our 12th wedding anniversary, so Jonathan was working as hard as he could to get better by the evening.  We had a date planned, and he really hates missing out on babysitting.  Lucky me!

Soooo, while he napped in the afternoon, I have no shame in announcing that I put my children in front of the television so that I could enjoy some ME time.  Yes, this is also known as “sewing time” around the rest of the world.  Don’t worry, I’m sure the television program was completely educational and changed their life in a millions ways for the better.

I knew I only had about an hour or two, so I hurriedly shuffled through my pattern stash to see what I could come up with in time for our date.  I wanted a dress pattern, of course.  It had to be casual, fast and festive.  Also, in honor of my 95 year old Memaw passing away this week, I wanted to use a fun vintage-inspired floral print for the fabric.

I chose Very Easy Vogue 8684. I have been dreaming of that awesome drop-waist silhouette since I first saw it on the runways a few months ago.

As luck would have it, this was the only day ever in the history of me having children that they did NOT want to watch television!!!  Curses.  Why can’t I have one great day of bad mothering???  Anyhoo, I somehow managed to whip out the dress, and this was with a 6 year old standing on my fabric asking me questions every two minutes, and with a 5 year old pulling out all my fabric from my fabric armoire.  Happy Mother’s Day to me – I really WILL miss these days, right!?

I bought the pattern for the modernized drop-waist … but I love how just by using a vintagey floral, the dress transformed into a very vintage vogue!

I really love these easy breezy sleeves – can you see the slight gathering there? I also LOVE that the pattern calls for bias binding along the neckline instead of a neck facing. I loathe facings so I almost always make that substitution myself, so it’s nice to see it actually called-for in the instructions. I chose to use a bright binding so it will stand out. (PS: my husband commented on how much he liked the bias binding – SCORE! )

Here you can see the drop-waist … have I mentioned that about this pattern yet?! You can also see how simple the sleeve hem is – I just serged and sewed up a very narrow hem.

And here it is on a living, breathing person. Super simple and easy to wear. I wore it that night with some oxford shoes (Fitting for our anniversary because that’s my Maiden name!). I am wearing it again today with some two-toned shoes that are brown linen with blue toes. I also wore it part of the day with wellies. SOOOO fun!

So, now for the little “review” part of the post – How do I feel about this pattern?

I really LOVE it.  It’s super easy and fast.  It only takes just a little bit over 2 yards of fabric.  The look of the dress can easily be transformed by whichever fabric/print you choose.  In fact, I’m looking forward to making this again in a solid so that I can have a more modern representation.

NOTE: the dress has a 22″ zipper in the back.  Don’t let this scare you – you can do it!!  I would really recommend this pattern for someone who wants to up their skills with zippers because the rest of the construction is so easy.  You can really focus your attention on the zipper and not get worried about the rest of the dress.  GO FOR IT!

Here’s the lowdown:

TIME: This took me somewhere between 1 and 2 hours.  Since I had those lovely distractions, I can’t really say the true time frame.  I know I started at 3pm and was finished/wearing it by 5pm.  For those of you who are newer to sewing, I think you can really  make this dress in under 3 hours, including cutting out the pattern.  Let me know if you try it!

COST: This dress cost me…. $5.50!  I found the fabric for $1.50/yd at Walmart, and I needed about 2.5 yards.  Then I needed a zipper.  That’s it.  I had the thread on hand.  Oh, I suppose I should add $3.99 for the pattern that I got onsale at Joann’s.

This is me saying to you – MAKE THIS DRESS AND SEND ME A PHOTO!!! please, ma’ams.

Okay y’all – continuing my desire to be more generous in 2012 …. I will send everyone who sends me a photo of your own version of this pattern a set of embellished bobby pins!  (tutorial coming tomorrow!)

…(sorry, I have to have a cutoff date, so free bobby pin offer expires in one month – June 15th.  Send me your address along with your photo … I’ll compile the photos and do a blog post, how fun, right!?! )

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Well, I suppose it’s better late than never.  Although, I’m not sure I’ve ever experiences the opposite, so I can’t say from a well-rounded position.

Anyway, I digress.

I was asked a while back to create a one-shoulder dress that would be fun for a bridesmaid’s dress.  Well, that’s pretty much ANY one-should dress in my book … but alas, I decided to create one from seersucker.  Why?  Because I love it…and, to be more specific, I had enough in my stash to make it.  =)

I decided to mimic my Seersucker Sailor dress except add a sleeve so that bridesmaids wouldn't have to keep pulling up their dresses during the ceremony, and it's a maxi dress. My camera's battery died right after taking this photo, so right now this is the best I got. Gee - I wonder why I've never auditioned for Top Model!?! (this is a joke people. don't send me a list of reasons!)

I like it okay.  It’s still growing on me.  I don’t love the kimono feel to it, but I don’t hate that either.  I think I need to play around with belt options … and maybe make it slightly fuller.  What do you think???  Ideas???  I’m also thinking of making another version as a drop-waist dress with a full skirt … one of these days!

I’m pretty sure I’m too late to create these for my friend’s wedding – but I’m delighted to have been given the challenge!

Happy one-shouler-dress-wearing-days-ahead for you all!!!!




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Well, up until today, I had not decided whether or not I was going to offer this dress to the proverbial “Public”.  I absolutely LOVE  it … but I haven’t gotten fully confident I can create it adequately for people all over the world whom I’ll never size in person.

recognize that Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabric??? I have finally gone through all 15 yards I purchased!

Well, today I have made the leap and said YES to that inner voice saying, “Make this for other people, you freak!”


Because I was standing in the parking lot at a grocery store (YES – texting!) when I heard a stranger’s voice yell:


To which I gratefully replied, “Thank You!”

and he said:


Well, I may pay to be blonde, but I don’t pay to be stupid!  I can tell when there’s a good thing going on!!!  Earlier this morning my husband sent me off for a manicure and pedicure … and the technician couldn’t stop talking about my dress.  She didn’t call it “killer” but she did say it was “fabulous” … in come cultures those words are interchangeable!

Soooooo, here is a sneak peak at the first One-Shoulder dress being made available in my Etsy shop.  Hereafter referred to as the Killer Dress!

Here is the dress shown with a funky chunky feaux turquoise necklace from my pal over at Polished on Etsy. It's a very slimming a-line silhouette. Very fun and versatile to wear! I started with a Burda pattern, made a few tweaks, and the rest is "killer" history.

And here's the back - equally simple which keeps it so easy to wear! You'll notice the zipper on the right hand side - keeps it formfitting without the need for elastic.

In case you didn't notice, it's a one-shoulder dress! (I've made a million of these, but this is by far the simplest and most universally flattering that I've made so far. If you don't like your arms showing - you can add a cute cardigan and just show off the asymmetrical line of the bodice across your chest/neckline.)

Here is how I wore it today - funky necklace, fun belt, wedge sandals. I did not, however, walk around with my arms like that. Or my lips. (I also wore it this way last Tuesday and Wednesday ... maybe this is quickly becoming my 2012 wardrobe!)

So000, if you dig this dress and would like to order one – feel free to thank the random Randall’s parking lot guy!

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Greetings friends and sewing fans!!!

As I was finally rounding out the race known to me as my first Dress Revolution, my husband and whisked ourselves off to New York City for six days…without kids…SIX DAYS!!!  (read: six gloriously wonderful exciting fun-filled days to do whatever we want with absolutely no chocolate milk anywhere to be found!)

So, of course, I visited Bryant Park. A girl can dream, right!?!

MOOD FABRICS!!!! The dream continued!

One of those six days consisted of a whole day for me BY. MY. SELF. in the the city.  It was wonderful!  I love a great party and I love people…but I have this weird reclusive tendency in me that likes to hide away and be completely anonymous.  This happened wonderfully in my day away as I was able to spend THREE HOURS in Mood Fabrics.  It was dreamy (except for the high prices, cough cough).  Can you imagine if I had taken Jonathan there for three hours?  We’d certainly have ended up in the emergency room trying to diagnose a never-before-seen fabric rash that creeped up all over his body.  Anyway, where was I?  oh yes…

Lots of y'all out there are addicted to chevron patterns, and I totally get it. I, however, am addicted to houndstooth ... and this place had the most wonderful stash ... look at the scale on those teeth...DREAMY!!! At $30 a yard, I decided to just appreciate the fabric as I would the Mona Lisa.

Here's a very friendly sales associate cutting my first bolt ... this is just the softest cotton in the world, I love it!

Yes it was expensive ... but even for this annoyingly frugal girl, It was worth it! I got a free tote bag after all. Thanks Mood! (please tell me you read this using your best Tim Gunn voice!)

Well, let’s move along.  While enjoying my day away, I also strolled around SOHO.  They have some the cutest and most fabulous boutiques you can imagine.  I didn’t get a photo, but in one of the windows was this most darling dress.  Very simple.  Navy blue mostly with an emerald green skirt front.  In other words, a simple navy and green color blocked dress.  Their cost: $800.

My cost ... are you ready for this ... $7.50! (confession: found the fabric on ridiculous sale!) Oh, and someone please pressure me into using my "real" camera, this is getting stupid!

Well, that’s it.  That’s a quick synopsis of my time in NYC – atleast the fabric portion.  I’m sure I’ll be showing you projects made with the fabric I purchased.  For now… since you read all the way down …. Let’s do a Giveway!


First one to comment with the correct answer wins a ZIPPER POUCH!

I thought you might like to see a photo of my hubs ... he's so hot! Here we are at a coffee shop on the upper west side. I think it was called Cafe LaLa. SO YUMMY!

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I’m really getting worried about myself.  I use Exclamation Points like they’re evaporating!  I really really do!!!

Anyway – I digress.  Enough about me.  Let’s talk houndstooth.

I seriously have an addiction.

In my fabric stash, I have about 20 yards of various shades and weights – green and ivory for a dress for Rosamund, pink and ivory for Ellie, navy and green, gray and white, brown and white, and of course black and white.  Most recently, I added mock canopies to Owen’s and Ellie’s bed using extra large black and white. I’m even getting texts of houndstooth fabric photos from my friends when they’re out at fabric stores!

Sooo, the other night when I was just oh-s0-tired of sewing for THE OTHERS, I reached for none other than houndstooth to create a dress for my Rosamund (now 11 months already!!!) (uh, more exclamation points!).  She is outgrowing everything everyday, and I needed to make her something to wear the next day!

Here is what I came up with. I just LOVE this combination of fabrics!

I used this VERY EASY pattern. It’s McCall’s 6015. If you have this pattern, for Rosamund’s dress I used bodice E and skirt C. The pattern calls for a zipper, FYI.

I think I could have my entire wardrobe out of soley these colors!

I'm not happy with the zipper completion - I was lazy and sewed it up in a u-turn direction (rather than sewing down one side and then going all the way back to the top and sewing down the other side). Hence, the two sides do not align at the top. boo hiss.

In the end, despite the zipper dilemma, I love it!!! (I wanted to give the dress a tiny bit of flare, so I made a ruffle and sewed it from shoulder to shoulder to give the effect of a necklace.)

The result: PERFECTION! (I feel like this photo could be labeled, "If you give a baby a strawberry...")

Again, this is an easy breezy pattern.  It’s just about fool proof, so please make one for some lucky baby!

Here are the details:

Time: I am guessing anywhere from 45 minutes/1hour to 2 hours – it all depends upon how comfortable you are with a zipper.

Cost: about $5.  $1 for the pattern, $2 for the zipper, and I got the fabric 50% off of $4.99 a yard.  I used about 3/4 yard total.  (but of course, in reality, I used scraps!)

There you go…a project idea.  I’d LOVE to see what you’re making!

Oh…and I thought you might like to see the canopies…there they are:

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