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I have a small sheet of paper in my handly little note pad where I mapped out all the things I wanted to post for So Celebrate National Sewing Month.  Needless, to say, I have not even come close to completing that list.  Sigh.

One of the things on that list, however, is Fabric YoYos!

I had totally overlooked this on my list until I attended a baby shower on Saturday morning.  Darling Sarah Brumit gave the most darling onesies to our friend Lindsey … one she handpainted the sweetest polka dot trail, and the other she sewed three fabric yoyos across the top.  I so wish I had taken a picture of these little wonders because they were SO cute!

I hadn’t originally planned on doing a tutorial for yoyos – I was just going to show a few ways that they can be used as sweet and sassy embellishments … BUT… when I asked Sarah if she made her yoyos herself, she said no.  What!?!  Could it be that Sarah doesn’t know how?  If that’s the case —- I really need to remedy that for her!  Hence, today’s post – How to Make a Fabric YoYo!

All you need is a circle of fabric, a needle & thread, and an iron.

Press the edges of the circle to the inside just a small little bit.

Take your needle & thread and sew a basting stitch all the way around the circle. When you get back to where you started, gently pull on the thread and the sides will pull themselves into the center!

Tie a knot with the thread, press flat. You're done. Hilarious how easy that is, huh!?!

I added a covered button in the center and attached it to a fast and easy headband for Ellie.

And I made a pin / brooch out of another one. Just cut a circle of felt, sew the pin to the circle and hot glue it onto the back.

Fabric YoYos...any YoYo can make 'em!

There’s today’s little ditty about sewing celebrating.  I hope to see you again tonight… to catch up!?!?


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Oh my stinking gosh, I have fallen sew so far behind in my National Sewing Month’s SO Celebrate Sewing…please excuse me!  Apparently, life with a Kindergartener is much more hectic than I anticipated!

At last count, I was 6 posts behind.  I think that was 2 days ago.  That puts me at about 8 posts behind.  So, I’m going to try my darndest to catch up this weekend.  But – you should know that I have my legs crossed right now so nothing I say can be held against me!

For tonight, I’d like to show off my newest Jelly Roll purchase, and demonstrate how I made a very fast and easy cuff bracelet from just 2 of the strips.

I purchased this "jelly roll" on clearance for $4.99!

I unrolled it to discover this selection of gorgeousness.

I very scientifically haphazardly wrapped my favorite strip around my wrist to determine where to trim off the excess. Cut two identical strips.

I chose my second favorite fabric to serve as the coordinating ruffle that I attached to the top and bottom of the cuff. I folded it in half, pressed, and trimmed off about 1/2"

Sew the ruffle fabric onto the two sides, making your ruffles/pleats as you go. Of course you could opt to make your pleats/ruffles ahead of time, but yeah right! It's much faster just to wing it.

Apply fusible interfacing to the second strip of the main fabric. Then, sew both main fabric strips together, right sides facing.

Turn right side out and press. Next, finish your two edges however you like. (I thought I was going to just serge my edges, but then I decided I wanted a more pristine finish. So, I had to pull back the seams a little at each end, turn down the orange and then fold in the blue on top. Hard to explain, but youll see what I mean if you do it that way!)

Here is what I ended up with ... I like it even more than I thought I would!

To fasten the two edges, I simply attached a snap. (It wouldn't be a true So Sew Something post without a blurry photo of an important step!)

So there you go – a very very very easy fabric wrist cuff / bracelet!  What a great way to show off your favorite fabric …better yet, what a great way to purchase that crazy expensive fabric you’ve always wanted – if you only need 1/8 yard, no big deal for your wallet!

Time: probably took me about 20 minutes.  Remember, the jelly roll people did most of the cutting for me!

Cost: Practically FREE – maybe 50 CENTS total!!!  hollah people hollah!

See you very soon!!!  Feel free to share your own ideas / plans for a cuff of your own!

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself glued to the television and to NPR today.  Much like ten years ago, I can’t seem to hear enough about the details of that day.  It’s funny, isn’t it, how in just a moment or with just a picture we can be transported right back to that day – as if it was yesterday.

I remember that day, even menial details of the day, so vividly.  I’m sure you do, too.  My parents always spoke of the Kennedy assassination by first saying, “I know exactly where I was when I got the news.”  I used to think that was crazy.  Now I understand.  Almost as if frozen in a viewfinder, I can see myself, my husband, our friends visiting from NY, and the Boston skyline.  It began as such a beautiful day, didn’t it.

Well – today it seemed kind of strange and disingenuous to post a How-T0 Craft project … but I also wanted to keep up with Celebrate Sewing month.  So I found a solution.  What I call a “Message Pillow.”  “A pillow that has a message.

I don’t think any sentiment could be more accurate on a day like today.  I know for sure I really will remember that day for the rest of my life.  So, I feel confident this pillow will be an asset to my home!

If you’d like to make one, here’s how I did it:

I created a Word document so that I could print out the numbers and letters to use as templates. (My daughter snuck up and erased one of the 1's...)

Then, just before I noticed that the other 1 was missing, I printed the document on Inkjet Fabric Sheets using the "best quality photo" setting. (These are photocopying pages made out of cotton fabric!)

Peel off the backing on the fabric sheets. Apply Heat And Bond to the message - before cutting out the letters and numbers precisely.

Then, cut out the characters and pull of the backing to th e Heat and Bond. Take a straight edge, and row by row determine the placement of your message.

Iron on the characters row by row. I like to put a piece of cheese cloth over the message first, then do another ironing once they're nice and set.

Your first row will look like this.

Then like this.

You can stop with just the Heat and Bond, but I like to actually sew the pieces to the pillow.

Trim off all those threads, finish up your pillow form and stuff. You've got a message on a pillow.

I love that this technique is SO easy and SO fun – you can pretty much create a pillow to “say” whatever is on your mind…

Like this one from Alexandraferguson.Etsy.com

Or this one from Olivehandmade.Etsy.com

I hope you’ll make one of these for yourself … but maybe one with a slightly more upbeat message …. like


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Tonight I am officially catching up!  No more lagging behind for me!

I thought I’d share that one of my main joys in sewing, maybe what I love best about sewing, is that you can make awesome stuff FAST!  I love knowing that if I’ve got half an hour, I can walk out the door with a finished piece…if you think about it, very few hobbies can boast this – not candle making, not basket weaving, definitely NOT embroidery!

So for posts 8 & 9, I thought I’d share with you two projects that were completed very quickly AND fulfilled a need for CHEAP!


Embarrassingly, this was my kids' playground. (remember, we live on the face of the sun...NOTHING can fix the grass right now!)

Completely by accident one day at Joann’s, I came across the most perfect Outdoor fabric on clearance … $3 a yard, people!  I’m not even kidding!  So I grabbed 6 yards.

I would've had a great time tearing all the torn pieces off except it was literally 108 degrees outside. Literally y'all. No exageration. 108 degrees.

But when you have a HOT husband, all it right with world!

After some simple measuring and cutting and stapling ... You really can replace your tattered playground fabric with new pristine playground fabric. Now if only it were the simle to do something about my landscape!


#2: A really quick DRESS!

We got home at 2:30. Knew we were leaving for Owen's first school football game at 4:45. I wanted to make Ellie and myself a dress in navy for the game. By 4:14 - mission accomplished! I made myself a navy Team Spirit Dress and I made Ellie this fun maxi pillow case dress. I am only a tad bit biased when I say she was soooooo cute!!!

Seriously, just writing down how quickly I made Ellie’s dress has made me love sewing even more!  And when I remember that our two dresses cost $9 total —- HEART THROBBING FOR JOY!!!  I So Celebrate Sewing!

Up for tomorrow… How to make a QUICK NAP MAT!

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Well – we all knew it was too good to be true – 5 days in a row of posting and keeping my commitment!  Yesterday, Day 6, I flubbed.  If you knew how much vomit messy my house was, you’d give me a “Get out of Jail Free” pass instantly! I have chosen not to take photos of this mess, so you’ll have to go on my word!

So, for today – I plan on catching up!

I’ll share my guest blog appearance now … and introduce you to another talented friend of mine tonight!

Right after I sent an email to my sewing cronies about having them appear as guest bloggers here, I was delighted to receive my own invitation to become a guest blogger.  Sooooo exciting!  It was from Kirsten over at www.AllFreeSewing.com.  I am a “Sewing Designer” on that site, and she wrote asking me to blog at her sister site www.FaveCraftsblog.com in honor of … you guessed it, National Sewing Month.

I thought about it for about a millisecond.  Then I replied YES!

Here is what I created for that guestblogger appearance:

A People Pillow! My little darlings forever captured here as little fabric dolls!

I giggle everytime I look at this pillow - kitchy for sure!

If you’d like to see how I made this – using printable fabric – head on over to this post.  And be sure to browse around FaveCraftsBlog.com!

See y’ all tonight!


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I am in total and complete shock.

It’s day 4 of my So Celebrate Sewing challenge, and I haven’t missed a day yet!  Wowzers, so exciting!!

I am feeling a little, maybe a lot, sick today.  I stayed home from church this morning.  Watched a little U.S.Open Tennis.  Then I got antsy.  The sewing kind of antsy.  Hence the tutorial for today – another idea for embellishing / updating / upgrading a onesie.

I've had this Micheal Miller fabric all summer, and I've been dying to cut into it. Good news is - I still have 2.75 yards left!

You can probably determine how to make this just by looking at the pictures … but just in case you can’t – read on!

Start with your fabric and a onesie. Put the oneside aside for just minute while you create the strips for the arm ruffles and the thigh/waist ruffle.

I decided to use bias strips for these ruffles - why? - because I didn't want them to be super fluffy. A strip cut on the bias will lay flatter than one cut on grain (just straight across). In the end, I don't think it really matters...so if cutting these bias strips takes your sanity - just cut regular strips! Anyway, where was I? Take a decent sized piece of fabric. This one is about 1/4 yard cut in half. (9" x 22")

Cut across from one corner to the opposite corner. (You can see that it's okay to cheat and not cut exactly straight lines! I just eyeball it. When you create the ruffle, any imperfections will disappear. If you're one of those "meticulous" types, go ahead and use a ruler.)

Fold thone of those pieces over so that it's about half the width of the ruffle you desire.

Use that side as the guide for cutting the rest of the strip.

Cut as many strips that same size as you can from your fabric. I was able to cut 3. To join them - place the ends perpendicular to each other with right sides facing, and sew a diagonal stitch ...

....When you open up the two peices, you'll see that you've made a continuous strip. Repeat this for as many strips that you were able to cut.

Finish your side edges - I chose to use a rolled hem from my serger, but you can do a typical hem if you prefer.

Right now you have one long bias strip. I chose to measure my two sleeves, and then I used the remaining strip for the legs and back. For the sleeves measurement, I placed the strip where I wanted it on the onesie...

... then I doubled that length so that I'd have enough fabric to ruffle. Then cut another one exactly the same length. These are your sleeve lengths.

You see that I have 1 long strip to go from one leg, around the back and to the other leg. I have 2 smaller strips to go over the shoulders.

Now finish all your side edges. Since I used a rolled hem, I needed to put Fray Check at the corners so the threads don't unravel.

Now you're almost done! Sew a long basting stitch across the top of each strip. Pull the top thread on each to create the ruffle. Pin in place. ****Change your needle to a BALLPOINT NEEDLE - because you're sewing on a stretch onesie**** And sew those ruffles on!

Your front will look something like this ...

... the back will look something like this ... UNLESS OF COURSE>>>

...You decide it needs just a little tiny something extra! I heart this!

Remember, this is YOUR project, so your strips can be all kinds of bigger than mine, longer than mine, etc.  If you do make one of these, I’d LOVE to see it!

For the breakdown:

Cost: $2 onesie at Walmart, purchased fabric wholesale on sale, so 1/4 yard was $0.25!  I’m not lying, I promise!

Time: not more than 30 minutes … again, tennis was on!

The main thing I’m excited about with this project….that the ruffles stay clear of those chunky monkey thighs!!!  I’ll send a photo after I put this on her tomorrow.  Although —- our cold front of 90 degree weather might make it too cold for this!

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Hi y’all!!!  I have been enjoying a WONDERFUL vacation in Colorado the past 9 days – I cannot tell you how much more comfortable life on a mountain is compared to life on the sun!  We all had a fabulous time.  I even managed to enjoy myself WITHOUT my sewing machine.  weird & shocking, but true!

However, I was JONESING!!!  So tonight, in true me fashion, I had to make something uber quick to satisfy the sewing withdrawal symptoms.  I chose to make something for Owen.  Yes, you read that right.  Something for Owen.

While Owen is only 5, I can assure you he has very particular demands taste when it comes to his clothes.  Nothing itchy, nothing bulky, nothing sleeves, you get the point.  Even his choices for fabric prints are very particular.  This is why you almost never see anything on this blog made for him.  In his mind, he has good taste.  In my mind he’s boring!

Fortunately, last month, while browsing Etsy for fun fabric for a baby shower gift I came across this fabulous print – RV CAMPERS!!!

The only thing better would be if these were food trailers! Amen!?!?

If you’ve never been to Austin, just take my word for it – these are EVERYWHERE HERE!!!  As of tonight, they are even in my home.

Michael Kors might call these "underwhelming" ... but he knew Owen, he'd realize they're perfect! I made these while Owen is asleep, so I chose not to add pockets. I'll ask his permission when he wakes up to put them on, though ... I doubt he'll go for it. Like I said - boring!

Want to know a little secret???

You have to promise not to tell Owen that I made these pajamas from this pattern…

ha! Revenge is sweet - even for a doting mother!!!

These were super easy and super fast and pretty cheap – $6.  ($5 for the fabric and $1 for the pattern)  My only regret is that I didn’t buy a ton more of this fabulous fabric!

Have a great night – see you in a day or two!

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My little Rosamund is growing.  For some reason, with this baby, I’m very much aware of how fast this season slips away.  I’m tearing up as I type this – quick, somebody mention the weather!  Anyway, Rosamund was a surprise baby after a long discussion that we were very happy with our two children.  We were STUPID!  Rosamund is the absolute most wonderful gift any and all of us could’ve ever received … we are all grateful for her … and for her smiles in the morning!

Anyway…to the reason I sat down to post…what to do with a bored baby.  Where was I?

My little Rosamund is growing.  She is growing and she is getting bored!  Because we got rid of all things baby about 3 months before I found out I was pregnant, we have nothing for her to “do.”  No cool toys dangle over her while she lays on the floor, no rattles, no shiny things.  You get my point.  Poor little three-month-old has nothing to do.

So what do I do?

I make her something! I decided to start with something to dangle from her carseat.  (Confession:  I’m not a homebody!  Rosamund spends a lot of time in her carseat … but I’m convinced she loves it!)

This is the boring photo ....

This is proof that they really do entertain that bored baby!

These are really very simple to do, and I think they look awesome!  (is that bragging?  I hope not!)… The neat thing about these is that they can do all sorts of things – hand from a carseat, serve as a rattle, hand from a doorknob to welcome those who enter, serve as a sachet if filled with lavender, hang from a bath towel in the guest bath, a pincushion, etc, etc, etc.  I can’t wait to make more – I think I’ll make different shapes next time.  I’m not typically a heart person…but these were for Rosamund whom I heart!

Here’s how YOU can make them too:

Cut out your shapes. You'll need two cutouts for every piece. I was making 3 hearts, so I needed 6 cutouts.

For dangling toys, cut strips. Again, i was making 3 so i cut 3 strips. (If you're making pincushions or sachets, you can omit this step)

For each strip, fold it over right sides together and sew up the length, leaving both ends open.

Turn the tubes right side out and PRESS!

Put your tubes aside for a moment and locate your shapes. Mine have probably disappeared underneath a pile of laundry at this point. Anyway, once you've found them, fuse interfacing/stabilizer to EACH piece. (This keeps the fabric firm when you stuff it)

Add your rick rack or any other type of embellishment now.

Next attach the tubes. You can see I've extended the tube outside my shape so that I can be sure to catch it with my needle. Also, I've secured the tube inside the shape with pins so that I don't catch that part with my needle. Do this with all your shapes.

Sew all the way around but leave an opening for turning. (Yep, this is exactly like making a pillow!)

Turn them all right side out and PRESS! (Be sure to remove the pins before turning - otherwise OUCH!)

Now stuff with fiberfill.

If you're making toys for babies, put a couple of bells inside before closing it up.Put a pin to close up the opening and handstitch it closed.

Put them where you want them and mark where to put the snaps / buttonholes.

Finally, attach the closures of your choice (snaps or buttons and button holes) and trim the tube straps. Then, place on the carseat and watch in awe at the amazement of your little darling! Oh that this would last forever!

These really do look adorable.  I put Rosamund in her carseat this morning and she literally grinned.  REWARD!!!

I think these would make awesome Ring-Bearer pillows…can’t you just see a darling little boy carrying one of these dangling hearts down the aisle!  Dreamy!

Here’s the Breakdown:

Time: hmmm.  I didn’t do them all at one time because I didn’t have rickrack or fiberfill..so I’m going to guess about an hour.  I know, an HOUR is an eternity…but this one was worth it!

Cost: CHEAP!  Use scraps for the shapes, so the only cost is Rick Rack – about $1.50, fiberfill – about $2 for the bag but you’ll have tons left over, and snaps – about $2.  Total cost: $5.50!

That’s all for now – I really enjoyed making these!

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As you may know, 2 weeks ago I participated in Sew, Mama, Sew’s Giveaway Day.  It was so much fun – I visited all kins of awesome blogs and won THREE things!!!

Well, I gave away 2 dresses.  One from my blog and one from my Etsy shop.

The blog winner chose a navy blue strapless dress with a yellow/white seersucker sash.  So that’s what I just finished for her.  I think it’s so cute and classy.  ….   ….   …. and a little bit boring.  So….. I added something.  Just the simplest, sweetest, nicest little flower pin. If I like it, I thought you might, too.  So, here’s a free tutorial on how to make these easy breezy things.  They DEFINITELY fall into the Under $5 and 15 minutes series!

Here's the pin attached at the bodice top. So sweet, right!?!


Okay… Let’s make ‘em!

As (almost) always - start with your scrap selections. For this pin, I chose 2 fabrics for the flower and a darker fabric for the covered button in the center. You can have as many layers as you want.

Determine how big you want the pin. Cut out 5 circles to that size. Then cut 4 circles a little bit smaller. Of course I didn't measure my smaller ones, I just cut them smaller. They're probably about an inch narrower, but just go with what feels right. These are meant to be slightly imperfect. That's the beauty of them!

Apply fusible interfacing to one of the Large circles. This is the back of the pin, so use the strongest interfacing you have. (Also, I forgot to photograph, but you'll need a circle of felt cut to this size as well)

Now, to begin assembling your flower, start with the 4 remaining large circles. Fold in half, right side out. Then fold in half again. You'll end up with 4 triangles instead of 4 circles.

Lay each of the 4 triangles on top of the interfaced circle as shown.

I suppose you could hand-sew this next step ... but yeah right. I just walk over to the machine and do the fastest, easiest little zig zag stitch. Nothing big or fancy, just enough to hold down each triangle in the center.

Now fold your small circles into the same triangle forms and place on top of the others. And yes, go do that ziggy zaggy thing again.

Cover a button, sew it in the center (yes, I did handsew it on! amazing!). Then, start digging through your stash to find that long lost pin attachment.

Now, find that felt circle that has fallen somewhere down around your workspace or into the kids' sandwiches. Keep tinkering with it until you have cut two snips for both ends to fit through nicely.

AND ... HOT GLUE that felt piece right onto the backside of the interfaced circle...make sure that you position it with the pin sticking out!

Pin it to something. Stand Back. Admire. Smile.

So that’s it.

It really is super easy and super fun.  I want a million of these.  You can attach them to elastic headbands, shirts, purses, shoes, even a dog collar!  Seriously y’all – go make some!


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I have been trying for a while to come up with THE BEST way to make a baby carrier for my Rosamund.  We have an awesome hand-me-down baby seat, but it has desperately needed some GIRLY-ING UP!

Well, a few weeks ago, I came across THIS TUTORIAL BY ONE OF MY FAVORITE BLOGS: CLUCK CLUCK SEW and as it turns out – she has already created the best way!  To top it off – it’s super easy, doesn’t require a pattern, and can be made in about 30 minutes…with only 2 yards of fabric plus some scraps, so it’s CHEAP too!  Rockin’!

Here is my finished product.

Be sure to check out Cluck Cluck Sew for the Tutorial!

I can't get enough of this Amy Butler fabric! I ordered a whole bolt, so stay tuned for more stuff made out of it!

Front view - no one will ever guess you have a baby in there! wink.

Those straps are held together with sew-on velcro (hook and loop tape) = easy breezy. Next time, though, I think I'll use snaps.

And when, like mine, your baby starts to freak out needing some attention, just pull the cover up over the handle. Cluck Cluck Sew makes hers with a different fabric underneath - too cute!

I would show you a picture of Rosamund and her new carrier cover ... but is otherwise occupied at the moment!

Now, go make about a dozen of these and give them away … I think I will!

Here’s the breakdown:

time: if you’re super fast, maybe 20 minutes. Realistically – 30 minutes to an hour.

cost: you need 2 yards or two 1 yard pieces.  I used designer fabric, but purchased it wholesale, so my cost is $10.50 + $1.50 for the velcro.  If you purchase fabric for less or use scraps, then the cost will be way less, or even FREE!  Awesome gift potential here!

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