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Well, I’m a little embarrassed about this… but I’ve had my shop open for about a week or so now….and I’ve NOT had a sale yet.


Let’s totally change that reality, shall we???

As I type this, I’m sitting in a cabin in Arkansas where it’s about 55 degrees. I can see on my weather app that it’s just about the same temperature in Austin.  WHAT. IS. GOING. ON. HERE????? This craziness must stop. I cannot go much longer without breaking a sweat, y’all. Agreed????

Here’s to hoping we can usher Spring in… with what else other than….

SEERSUCKER!   {Hollah!}

This is one of my favorite strapless dresses of all time. It's made to order… any size, length can be up to 33" from underarm to hemline.

This is one of my favorite strapless dresses of all time. It’s made to order… any size, length can be up to 33″ from underarm to hemline.

Regular Price: $68*


(That little asterisk just means that shipping is not included in price)

Here's a full length…albeit really bad photo…how did I ever not know this photo was like this? I digress….

Here’s a full length…albeit really bad photo…how did I ever not know this photo was like this? I digress….

And here is one of my all-time favorite photos and ways to wear this dress! Give a round of applause to Indiana Adams of AdoredAustin.com for modeling this so beautifully and pregnantly! (She's since gone on to be pregnant TWO more times… must be the dress!)

And here is one of my all-time favorite photos and ways to wear this dress! Give a round of applause to Indiana Adams of AdoredAustin.com for modeling this so beautifully and pregnantly! (She’s since gone on to be pregnant TWO more times… must be the dress!)

Okay now… If you too feel like Spring should do it’s thing… feel free to order one of these little ditties.

Here’s the fine print:

Sale Price: $45

Shipping: $5.65 for Priority, or FREE if you’re local.

Sale lasts: Thursday 3/13/14 – midnight Sunday 3/16/14

How to order: convo me here at my Etsy shop and I’ll set up a special listing just for you! This is a private – blog/FB sale! But please do feel free to spread the word to your pals, bridesmaids, daughters…you get the point!

love to all!

come on spring…. please…

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Despite the crazy cold weather we’re having, I’m feeling pretty confident that summer is just around the corner.  I would love for my afternoons to be filled with linen ruffles, pique fabric with strawberries, and all kinds of new dress patterns.  I’m pretty sure  that my afternoons will more likely consist of water bottles and kid conflict resolution.

In light of that – I should probably cram as much sewing in this month as I can, right???!!!

$35 Strapless Dress Revolution…hollah!

Here’s how it’s gonna work:

All dresses will be this style.  Some will have a matching sash if no coordinating fabric is available.

All dresses will be this style. Some will have a matching sash if no coordinating fabric is available.

Here are the rules:

1. Purchase HERE via the listing in my Etsy Parsimony Shop.

2. all dresses will be the style you see here.  Dress and matching sash.  You may request a coordinating sash…if possible I will accommodate, but not necessarily.

3. I pick the fabric.  You may give me some guidance (i love cool colors, no black please, etc, but I get to choose.  Don’t worry – I don’t like ugly fabric!)

4. yes, I’ll make it your size.

5. all dresses will be approximately 30″ from underarm to hemline.  This fits pretty much every size/height.  If you need it shorter, let me know.  I cannot, at this price make it longer.  But I still love you.  =)

If you’d like something more custom, please feel free to purchase one of the regular listings in my shop – I’d be happy to create something very unique just for you.  However, if you’d like a darling, versatile, breezy strapless dress for summer – I think I’ve got just what you need!!!

Offer good from May 2, 2013 – May 12, 2013.

PS: I reserve the right to end the sale sooner if my load gets too full.

LYLAS y’all!

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Hey y’all!!!

So, I created this little swing coat as an experiment … not sure what experiment, but I like saying that I conducted one.

It didn’t sell in the month I offered it, so I decided to keep it.  And I wore it.  And I love it.  Buuuutttttt… it’s not the right size for me.

Soooooo… if anyone out there in cyber land likes this swing coat/jacket, you can have it for $50!  Just email me for how to be billed.  (This is a final sale, no alterations or returns)

Size 8 / 10 .  Fully lined bodice and skirt.  Sleeves are only lined at the pleated cuffs.  Machine was cold.  Line dry.

Size 8 / 10 . Fully lined bodice and skirt. Sleeves are only lined at the pleated cuffs. Machine was cold. Line dry.

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Hi friends!!!  Even though I have been saying this for EVERY post the last 6 months, it makes me feel better to say it again …

Gosh, it’s good to be back!

Right now, I’m escaping the heat of Austin AND the tight quarters of our temporary housing by vacationing in the AMAZING Beaver Creek, Colorado!!!!!  It’s okay to drool over this y’all.

I”m going a little crazy not being at all creative…except that one could argue the creativity of creation can speak for itself, right!?!  Still, with an urge to create after having my shop on vacation all summer – I thought it might be time for another round of Dress Revolution!  Holler if you hear me.

Three Options this time around!!!  You’ll want to read all of them, I’m pretty sure…

Option #1

$5 Lined Zipper Pouch – perfect for makeup, traveling, school supplies, etc.

These are so fun – I love making them, I love receiving them!  For your $5, I’ll pick out your fabrics but you can give me some ideas … like “for a boy”, or “no green please”, or “I love pink.”  You get the picture.

Click HERE to order.

Option #2

$30 Strapless Tunics (just a little shorter than a dress…perfect with jeans, leggins, or as a mini dress for those of you will killer gams!)

This photo shows how cute these are with button-ups underneath which make them very versatile for cooler weather….. I hear there are parts of the world that experience this. I wore my christmas plaid version this way, and I got RAVE reviews. Just sayin’.

For this round – if you’d like a print, I do the picking but you can offer guidelines as mentioned above.  ALSO – A Facebook friends suggested doing these in  your favorite sports team colors….GENIUS!  I’m up for this!  If you choose to go this route, you can pick two colors if you want – a main color, and a color for a contrasting band along the bottom and for the sash.

Click HERE to purchase.

Option #3

$49 Team Spirit Dresses!

Super cute in solids OR prints!

For these dresses, you can pick your color!  If you’d like a print, I get to pick but again, you can give me some guidelines.

Click HERE to purchase.


Why oh Why do I get to pick the prints???

Well, it’s just SOOOOO stinking hard to coordinate what prints are available because there are a million options.  Then, I have to keep up with what’s sold out, what’s been discontinued.  Trust me, it’s a nightmare!  I will definitely consider your guidelines and do my absolute best to send you a pouch and/or dress that you LOVE!  How’s that!
Okay y’all … I hope you can find something you like because I’m going to be pretty bored once I get home…Keep me busy please!!!

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What does  a dressmaker do when she’s desiring to move to new home and needs a little nudge in the down payment department?

Think. Think. Think.

Hmmm.  Hmmmm.


And she sells them for $35!

And she calls for a Dress Revolution!

That’s right friends … I’m hoping to sell 100 strapless dresses … for $35 (or cheaper!).

Here’s how The Dress Revolution works:

1. You can simply contact me to order a dress for yourself.  All $35 dresses will be the style shown above unless it’s made from seersucker, then it will have a wider sash.  You can choose from fabric and colors  you see in my shop or you can choose from these fabrics I have on hand:  (NOTE: I make the dresses after payment is received.)

This is a preliminary list of fabrics - it will change as these sell out.

2. You can get your dress for cheaper, only $25, if you send me your own fabric.

3. You can get your dress for slightly cheaper, only $30, if you let me pick the fabric.

4. You can share this Revolution with your friends … by hosting a Paint Your Town Parsimony Dress Party where your friends pick out dresses and you get points toward free dresses for yourself.*

5. You can share this Revolution with your friends via social networking and get points toward free dresses for yourself.*

*Be sure your referrals let me know that you referred them when they order!  I’ll keep a tally.  Each dress earns 3 points.  Thirty points equals a free strapless dress or $30 towards any other dress in my shop.

I had a day of experimentation, and have sold 5 dresses so far…. 95 to go!

Also…..once I make 100 – I’ll switch the dress and offer a different garment for dirt cheap!  So Let’s Get This Party Started!

Please start by clicking on the “share on Facebook” link!!!!

Y’all are great!

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Okay.  I did it.  I broke a cardinal rule of mine.  NEVER EVER EVER do a “show” where you have to create inventory.  NEVER EVER.

Well.  I did.

It was fun.  I enjoyed an excuse to cut up fabric that’s been sitting in my armoire.  I love playing with glue.

I did NOT, however, get rid of all the inventory.  Alas, it is stationed (neatly and packaged) all over my house … just waiting for a rightful owner!

So, here on the 20th of December, I thought there might be some of you out there still needing that last minute gift.  Look no further!  What you see below is priced DIRT CHEAP and is READY TO SHIP IMMEDIATELY!  If you see something(s) you like, email me or contact me via Etsy convo and we’ll go from there!

For starters….Strapless Dresses for $35!

This combination is a size "Normal!" fits size 10-14 beautifully. $35. shuh.

This combination is also a size NORMAL (10-14) $35. crazy good price!

SOLD! This dress is a size SMALL (4-8) $35!

Besides dresses, I also have accessories …

ONLY HAVE THE BANDANA ONE LEFT. Tissue pouches - great for friends with allergies! $3 each or 4 for $10!

Here's a better photo ... each tissue pouch is lined in coordinating fabric and includes a set of tissues. dreamy.

SOLD OUT. Elastic headbands with large covered buttons. $3 each or 4 for $10!

SOLD. Reversible Cowl Neck scarves - soooo fun to wear! (HINT: a tutorial just might be on the horizon!) ... $8 each or 3 for $20.

SOLD! cowl neck scarf options...

SOLD!...and more options ... oh the joy!

Rings - adjustable, sooo cute! $3 each for 4 for $10.

And lastly…

And finally, I have lots and lots of sets of Bobbies! tons of colors ... $3/set or 4 sets for $10!

There you go peeps … lots on sale…. the sale will extend throuh New Years Day … or while supplies last … feel free to make me on offer for EVERYTHING!  =)

Regardless friends … please be striving to rest.  to relax.  to enjoy yourself.  See Christmas through the eyes of a child – it really is magical!

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My head is spinning.  Maybe even literally, I can’t tell.  Christmas season is fun, isn’t it!?!

In addition to planning a leadership party at my house Sunday night, and a Craft Crowd Make-It Merry Christmas craft night at my house on Monday night, and two kids’ friends hangouts on Tuesday, and a Chistmas Bazaar on Friday….I have decided to make a few READY TO SHIP strapless dresses in my freakishness spare time.

Soooooo….just in case you’re still looking for that perfect gift or that fun dress to wear to your company party…here are three options for a size Small/Medium.  Each dress is Ready To Ship immediately … this means it’s already made…and each dress is $55.  They usually sell for $68-81 but hey, it’s a recession.  (Don’t worry, if you need larger – or dare I say, smaller – sizes, those are coming OR you can suggest a size!)

sorry it's a blurry photo...but it wouldn't be a proper So Sew Something post without the gratituitous blurry photo!

There, that's better! The belt is an OBI belt - similar to the one shown in my Etsy shop on the Asian fabric. NOTE: the pretty white shirt is from LOFT and is shown so that you can see how cute these dresses look gussied up for winter!

Probably my newest favorite - I'm digging the RockaBilly vibe ... it's shown with a green/blue houndstooth sash, but I can just easily create a red or yellow sash that would look "rockin'!"

I mean seriously, can there EVER be enough houndstooth???!!!

Love this fabric pairing - striking Michael Miller fabric paired with vintage style polka dots - totally sweet and charming ... throw on a motorcycle jacket and you've all of a sudden got a tough chick...well, a pretty tough chick!

And now for the close-up!

So there you have it – three more strapless dresses from the girl who can’t stop making them!  I love wearing these year-round, and I think you will too.  Feel free to take one of these off my hands …for my blog readers, I’ll even throw in FREE SHIPPING!  Just let me know you read it on my blog!

Merry Christmas lovelies!

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I am on a bit of a roll in regards to finally creating new options for my Etsy shop.  I am ALWAYS thinking about dresses that I’d love to make and offer in my shop; however, most of the time those dresses remain in the closet of my brain.  And that is a very messy closet!

First, I added a sleeved version to the Team Spirit Dress.  Go Team!

Now, I’ve added a billowy version to my line of strapless dresses.

I. must. find. reason. to. wear. this!

This version was drafted using a vintage pattern from the ’70’s.  I love the sweetheart neckline!  I added length and the sash.  I think it’s a bit updated but still funky.  I suppose different fabric options could play it up or down in pretty cool ways!

These, as you can tell, take a LOT of fabric.  (whenever you cut something on the bias it tends to take up lots of fabric!)  So, I will need to price these a bit higher than my standard strapless dresses; however, I think it’s worth it.  There is a LOT of POW FACTOR in this dress.  I’ve created this one long, but, of course, it could go shorter, too.

This version is what’s titled OOAK in Etsy language … meaning: One of A Kind.  I’m offering this one at a discount since it’s my sample…$78, size 6/8 possibly even a 10!

I hope to be posting many…okay, a few… more new dresses soon!  And coats, and capes, and yada yada yada.

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One of the most common requests I receive via my Etsy shop goes a little something like this, “Can you make me one of your Team Spirit dresses except with sleeves?”  This request is usually preceded or followed by a derogatory comment regarding the requestors arms.  For some reason, women tend to hate their arms.

Well, tonight, after years of turning customers down … I can now say YES!  YES, I can offer you the Team Spirit Dress with SLEEVES.  I’ll even double your order by adding in-seam pockets if you want.

I am swooning over this jewel-toned if not total LEMON hued cotton fabric!

I am really really excited about this.  In the off chance that we experience winter in Texas this year, I think having one (okay, FIVE) of these long-sleeved versions will be awesome!

While, of course, my photos are ridiculously lousy (and I’m not ashamed about this because I have three lovely children who call me mom and not photographer…), here are a few shots of the details of this dress.

The bodice is exactly the same - except, of course, for the pleated sleeved shoulders.

I moved the ruffle to the bottom of the sleeves. No need to worry - the ruffle is still there!

My second highest request is for pockets - so I've added them as an add-on option as well. If you want to save money, leave them off and get a cross-body stachel for your lipstick!

I just might pretend it's cold here tomorrow so that I can wear this. I'm thinking ... gray patterned tights and dark gray peep toe booties. No wait ... no tights, knee high socks and fabulous leather boots. No wait....

All in all, I’m really excited about creating a “new” version of the Team Spirit dress.  It was a fun day!


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I’ve been operating my Etsy shop, Parsimony (meaning: frugal, thrifty), for almost 3 years.  It’s been a ton of fun, and I’ve sold over 400 dresses.  If you had to look at that number twice, so did I!  I can hardly believe it myself.  It seems like I’ve only made a few dresses, but I have the records and the feedback to prove that I truly have sold over 400 items.

By far, my best seller has been and continues to be my Team Spirit Dress.

In case you're wondering, that's me on the far right! Thanks J Cota Photography for such an awesome photo!

Why am I saying all this???

Well, I’m pretty sure that I’ve sold about 200+ of this style of dress…and today I mailed off a version in ORANGE  – and would you believe I have NEVER made it before in this color?  I show this color in my Oh So Cute Tuxedo Dress photo, yet no one has ever ordered it in orange….until now.  I liked it so much, that I took a few photos and thought I’d share with you all.  Furthermore, it got me thinking about the history of this little dress…so I thought I’d share some photos of a few of the different ways I’ve created this little number.  So,  yeah, this post is for me.  A little bit of memory lane strolling.

And here are a few other options that have been created … mostly at the request of Etsy customers.  If you’re one of those women who’ve purchased this dress – THANK YOU!  I really do enjoy making each one!

I just mailed this one off to France, I believe.

Wait...maybe it was Tahiti...

Eggplant version - featuring the lovely and talented Tiffany Schwedland.

Team Spirit Hook'em - commissioned by the super fabulous and fashionable Melissa Navarro!

Canary - featuring the gorgeous bombshell Jeana Hansen!

And the original photo that started it all - Team Spirit in Cobalt.

Funny little sidenote …  in the winter time, I get about as many convos regarding my boots as I do about the dress!  Thanks hubs for the great boots from San Francisco!

So there you go – there’s little bit about my Team Spirit Dress.  Thanks for obliging me!

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