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Everytime I make my up the road to Ikea, I see and stare at this poor plain slippers.  Marked at $1.99/each, they’ve proven too irresistible to this bargain shopper.


So the other day, I purchased 5 pairs in black and 5 pairs in pink.

I’ve been trying to come up with ways to save our carpet upstairs … which means I need to ask people to take their shoes off when they come over.  But….something about that always seems painful to people.  What, no pedicure lately!?!?

So, I hope by purchasing these cute little slippers, and updating them a little, will solve my dilemma!


I started with the black sets – I made little shoe staches. Ha! I made each mustache a different style so that each guest could remember which pairs is his. You know, in case they do a barefoot dance for a second.


I used an awesome set of cookie cutters as my templates.


Then I cut out 2 of each style from felt.


Then pinned them onto each of the slippers.


Then, all you have to do is take some embroidery thread and sew ’em up. Aren’t these just too fun!?


I couldn’t think of anything fun to applique on the pink slippers, so I just went with some flowers I had lying around my stash – I secured them with buttons as you can see. duh, right!


And here is what I ended up with… I’m pretty pleased!

So there it is – it’s THAT easy to save your carper for only $2 per person!!!  Fingers crossed it will work.  If nothing else – I can let the steam cleaner guys wear these when they come!

COST: 10 pairs for $20

TIME: I watched 3 episodes of MI:5…. so 3 hours!!!

Won’t you come for a visit … and, er, um, please take off your shoes!

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Quick Keys! DIY day 11….

Oh gosh, I am pooped…I’ve been watching way too much Australian Open tennis this week and losing WAY too much sleep.  So tonight, I don’t have much left in me by way of creativity.  I settled for a quick Key Chain embellished with a button.

***** We’ll be making these next month in our Make-It-Monday event ******** so you’ll for sure be seeing more options for these little key fobs.  If you’re in the Austin area, let me know if you’d like to be included on the evite for Make It Monday.

For these little ditties, I purchased the silver things called “key fobs” from here.  I purchased the cotton webbing from them too.  I pulled a little button out of my stash, and then I sewed it on.  Cost: $1.  Time: about 6 minutes.  Now, if only I can find my keys in the morning!

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