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My little Rosamund is growing.  For some reason, with this baby, I’m very much aware of how fast this season slips away.  I’m tearing up as I type this – quick, somebody mention the weather!  Anyway, Rosamund was a surprise baby after a long discussion that we were very happy with our two children.  We were STUPID!  Rosamund is the absolute most wonderful gift any and all of us could’ve ever received … we are all grateful for her … and for her smiles in the morning!

Anyway…to the reason I sat down to post…what to do with a bored baby.  Where was I?

My little Rosamund is growing.  She is growing and she is getting bored!  Because we got rid of all things baby about 3 months before I found out I was pregnant, we have nothing for her to “do.”  No cool toys dangle over her while she lays on the floor, no rattles, no shiny things.  You get my point.  Poor little three-month-old has nothing to do.

So what do I do?

I make her something! I decided to start with something to dangle from her carseat.  (Confession:  I’m not a homebody!  Rosamund spends a lot of time in her carseat … but I’m convinced she loves it!)

This is the boring photo ....

This is proof that they really do entertain that bored baby!

These are really very simple to do, and I think they look awesome!  (is that bragging?  I hope not!)… The neat thing about these is that they can do all sorts of things – hand from a carseat, serve as a rattle, hand from a doorknob to welcome those who enter, serve as a sachet if filled with lavender, hang from a bath towel in the guest bath, a pincushion, etc, etc, etc.  I can’t wait to make more – I think I’ll make different shapes next time.  I’m not typically a heart person…but these were for Rosamund whom I heart!

Here’s how YOU can make them too:

Cut out your shapes. You'll need two cutouts for every piece. I was making 3 hearts, so I needed 6 cutouts.

For dangling toys, cut strips. Again, i was making 3 so i cut 3 strips. (If you're making pincushions or sachets, you can omit this step)

For each strip, fold it over right sides together and sew up the length, leaving both ends open.

Turn the tubes right side out and PRESS!

Put your tubes aside for a moment and locate your shapes. Mine have probably disappeared underneath a pile of laundry at this point. Anyway, once you've found them, fuse interfacing/stabilizer to EACH piece. (This keeps the fabric firm when you stuff it)

Add your rick rack or any other type of embellishment now.

Next attach the tubes. You can see I've extended the tube outside my shape so that I can be sure to catch it with my needle. Also, I've secured the tube inside the shape with pins so that I don't catch that part with my needle. Do this with all your shapes.

Sew all the way around but leave an opening for turning. (Yep, this is exactly like making a pillow!)

Turn them all right side out and PRESS! (Be sure to remove the pins before turning - otherwise OUCH!)

Now stuff with fiberfill.

If you're making toys for babies, put a couple of bells inside before closing it up.Put a pin to close up the opening and handstitch it closed.

Put them where you want them and mark where to put the snaps / buttonholes.

Finally, attach the closures of your choice (snaps or buttons and button holes) and trim the tube straps. Then, place on the carseat and watch in awe at the amazement of your little darling! Oh that this would last forever!

These really do look adorable.  I put Rosamund in her carseat this morning and she literally grinned.  REWARD!!!

I think these would make awesome Ring-Bearer pillows…can’t you just see a darling little boy carrying one of these dangling hearts down the aisle!  Dreamy!

Here’s the Breakdown:

Time: hmmm.  I didn’t do them all at one time because I didn’t have rickrack or fiberfill..so I’m going to guess about an hour.  I know, an HOUR is an eternity…but this one was worth it!

Cost: CHEAP!  Use scraps for the shapes, so the only cost is Rick Rack – about $1.50, fiberfill – about $2 for the bag but you’ll have tons left over, and snaps – about $2.  Total cost: $5.50!

That’s all for now – I really enjoyed making these!

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