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Hey y’all!!!

So, I created this little swing coat as an experiment … not sure what experiment, but I like saying that I conducted one.

It didn’t sell in the month I offered it, so I decided to keep it.  And I wore it.  And I love it.  Buuuutttttt… it’s not the right size for me.

Soooooo… if anyone out there in cyber land likes this swing coat/jacket, you can have it for $50!  Just email me for how to be billed.  (This is a final sale, no alterations or returns)

Size 8 / 10 .  Fully lined bodice and skirt.  Sleeves are only lined at the pleated cuffs.  Machine was cold.  Line dry.

Size 8 / 10 . Fully lined bodice and skirt. Sleeves are only lined at the pleated cuffs. Machine was cold. Line dry.

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Hey friends!

I have been missing posting on this here little blog….but let’s just say, “things” are busy around here.  Baby #3 – now officially named Rosamund Elizabeth Dodson, is due in 4 weeks, and I’ve been nesting like crazy.  Unfortunately, since I sew all the time, this nesting has not been able to include sewing – just cleaning and organizing…which are all about 4 years overdue!

But alas, I digress…

Burdastyle.com has recently posted on their blog all the details regarding the so-so-so-fun fashion show.  I think it’s best to let them do all the talking.  Well, sort of… there’s a video that features me and my gorgeous model Lara – so I guess I do get a word in edgewise.  No surprise to most of you!


enjoy – I had a great time – Lara was a FABULOUS model – I should give her that coat but NO WAY!!!

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Today’s DIY has been in my head for a long time…and in my sewing room for almost as long.  I’ve had it “almost finished” since about February 3rd!  If you follow my Etsy shop, then you might remember my New Year’s Resolution to create a new dress every month using that month’s birthstone.  Well, here on February 21st, I’ve finally finished February’s dress.

It’s hard to tell by the photos, but the dress is a true Amethyst purple – very rich and deep in color, I love it!  I think this color purple looks fabulous on ANYONE!!!

For this dress, other than the color amethyst, I was also inspired by all the rain and snow that has been taking place all over our great state this month.  I was standing in line somewhere (at the post office probably), and the person in front of me had a darling little trench coat on.  “Hmmmm.  I feel a new dress coming on.”  I knew right then that February’s dress just HAD to be “IN THE TRENCHES”… a little form of a trench coat – but without all the bulk and masculinity!  And, I think it’s super fitting that I should finish this dress today because Austin is expecting 3 to 4 inches of snowfall – right now it’s snowing the biggest, fluffiest snowflakes I’ve ever seen in Texas!

I’ll try to get a picture of it on an actual human being sometime soon!  Happy Winter everyone!

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