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Gosh y’all… how are you doing???  I’m sort of living in chaos right now, and I love it!

This post is going to be brief and to-the-point … I know, I know, you don’t believe me.  That’s fine.  I’ve earned your distrust.  However, tonight I’m serious.  I’ve been missing you and missing writing tutorials.  So, despite my chaotic chaos, I wanted to share with you the fastest, easiest headband I’ve come up with yet.  Know what else????

I. Saved. THIRTY DOLLARS!!!  $$$$$$$$

I was shopping lusting  browsing around Anthropologie the other day and I saw these gorgeous headbands.  But are you kidding me right now???  $32????  For something I’m going to put on my overprocessed, frizzy and most likely dirty head of hair?  I’m way too cheap smart for that!

So I ran out to Hancocks.  I found some embellishment ribbon on clearance for $2/yd.  Then, I made myself a cheaper…but I think just as fabulous version.  Judge for yourself…


So, yes, it’s missing the rhinestones. If that’s important to you, you can pretty much buy a Bedazzler for the $29 you’re saving. I purchased the whole yard, but only used 23″.


Besides a needle and thread, the only other thing you need is a pony tail elastic.


It’s incredibly hard to photograph the back of your head by yourself… but what I’m trying to show you is that I used the length from the back of one ear, around the top of my head and over to the back of the other ear. Then give yourself a couple of more inches for the seams. I have a large head, so I used 23″.


Now wrap the ribbon around the elastic forming a casing.


As much as I hate saying this – the next step is to hand sew the casing closed. Maybe your machine can take the width of the ribbon. I’m jealous of you. If not…I can say with honesty that it only takes about 1 minute to sew each side. Repeat with the other side. (I love this photo b/c it shows how I’ve finally stopped biting my nails.  progress!)


I used white thread so you can see it … I just used very simple but sturdy stitches. Nothing time consuming at all. The only real “trick” I used was making sure I had several layers of thread in my needle.


Once you’ve completed the other side, you’ll end of with this little doozie. I love it. Fancy and Casual all in one.

And now for my feeble attempts at photographing the finished product on my head, all the while trying to make sure my craft room looks as clean and cool as possible.




Okay  y’all – here’s the lowdown:

Time: literally THREE MINUTES!  (That includes hand sewing… crazy wonderful)

Cost: $2 … that’s a savings of $29.  Hurry out and get you some matching shoes with that money!!!

Try this….please!!!!

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Happy New Year y’all!!!

This is my first post of 2013 – and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  Rather than bore you with all the lame and boring oh so exciting details of what I’ve been up to, I think I’ll get right to point today … besides, I’m already late to pick up my daughter!!!  (wish I was kidding about this!)

My awesome grandmother, known affectionately as “MeMaw”, passed away last Spring.  She lived 95 beautiful years!  I’d guess that she sewed for about 85 of those years.

Anyway, as I went through her closet, I found a few scarves that I thought were worth keeping.  Now, they weren’t exactly worth WEARING but they were worth keeping.


See what I mean….

So today, I had about 20 extra minutes (translate: I can be up to 15 minutes late before I get in trouble!), so I ran to my little stash of scarves and grabbed this one. 


Then I went to my little stash of embellishments and grabbed a long strand of pom pom fringe. xoxoxoxoxoxo – I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Then, I just simply sewed the pom pom fringe all around the perimeter of the scarf.  I used a long and wide ZIG ZAG stitch to be sure I got a good hold of the fringe.  This also keeps it from curling up on the edges as I wear and wash it.



I mean, COME ON!!! Isn’t this so cute and sweet now!!! ??? !!!


I just love it. I wish I could just run over to her house, give her big hug, eat some of her homemade wheat rolls, and sneak another scarf out of her closet. For now, I’ll settle for wearing this aLOT and remembering how lucky I am to have had her as my grandmother.


Time: took me about 7 minutes – I could’ve done it in 5, but that stupid bobbin needed threading halfway through.

Cost: Scarf – FREE.  Fringe – about $3 (I got it on 75% clearance!!!! hollah)

Think. Think. Think.

What can YOU add fringe to???


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The other day I received in the mail a really fun present from my dear friend in Boston, Massachusetts – the lovely Sara Vassallo….what was it?  A Diaper Cake!!!  I truly meant to take a photo of it, but alas, it was disassembled by my two … charming albeit destructive … older children.  Sorry Sara!

Nonetheless, I have been making excellent use of the diapers – so awesome!

Included in the “cake” along with diapers were daisy flowers, baby spoons and these –

bibs and washcloths ... (I know..."duh!")

Well, I decided today as I removed them from the dryer, that it just wasn’t right to leave them in this current state.  Yes, the colors were lovely, but that was about it.  So, I decided to embellish them – or applique them – with pieces of my favorite fabric.

Here is the collection after I finished. Read on for the tutorial on how to do this yourself ... yes, for under $5 & 15 minutes!

For starters – and this breaks my usual I-never-prewash-my-fabric rule … but please DO prewash/preshrink your bibs, washcloths and fabric.  These are bibs and washcloths…they WILL BE WASHED AND DRYED, so do yourself a favor and preshrink every piece before assembly.

Then, stare at your fabric for a little bit to determine how and what you'd like to cut out.

I started with half of a large flower. I simply took a pair of scissors and cut out what I wanted from the main fabric piece. I did a little "surgery" along the bottom edge and the bottom sides to make sure the fabric aligned nicely with the bib. Repeat this step for everything you want to embellish/applique.

Typically, I'm all about short cuts which often means I decide that pinning just isn't necessary. Because these bibs/washcloths are stretchy, this is an exception - the fabric will move quite a bit when you begin stitching, so be sure to pin as much as necessary to secure the fabric onto the bib/washcloth. (hopefully your pins aren't blurry like mine... ha!)

Then, go to your machine and select the SATIN STITCH. On my machine, it's the one that has lots of horizontal lines stacked on top of each other. I chose a width of 6 to be sure that I encased a lot of the fabric AND the bib. Then, just sew all the way around. Your machine will sew more slowly than usual, don't be alarmed, this is helpful for you. I kept my feederdogs up but you can also choose to lower them if you want more freedom of movement.

Here's a shot of the washclot and its satin stitch. ***If your machine doesn't have a satin stitch, or you're just too frightened by it, you may opt to use just a straight stitch. The result will be almost the same EXCEPT you'll have fraying along the sides. As you can see, the satin stitch catches the edges of the fabric so that there's very little fraying. I love it!!! Also, I forgot to mention - please use a BALLPOINT NEEDLE if you're sewing on stretchy bibs and washcloths!

You'll end up with a much nicer collection, don't you think!?!

In fact, I was sooooo impressed with myself… this fabric makes me SO happy whenever I use it … that I decided to make yet another piece to add to the collection – a BURP CLOTH!

I love that I got to use the whole flower!

I used one diaper from a set of 6 of these.

Cut, pinned, and stitched just like I did above. (You can choose to go back to a universal needle if you want, but I was too lazy for that and kept the same ballpoint needle in place)

Seriously y'all - who wouldn't want to receive this set in the mail for their little darling???

Here’s the lowdown:

Cost: Under $5 – honestly!!!  The diaper costs about $1.50.  I am pretty sure the bibs and washcloths are from the Dollar Store so at a high estimate that adds $3.  I used scrap fabric for the applique fabric so the grandtotal for 2 bibs, a washcloth and a burp cloth is $4.5o!  Hilarious and ridiculous and fabulous!!!

Time: The entire set did take longer than 15 minutes, I’d guess about 30 minutes.  But you can easily get 1 or 2 completed in the 15 minute time frame!

So there you have it … a little inspiration to sew something for that special baby and/or mommy in your life!  I hope you will!

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A few days ago, 5 of the neatest women on the planet threw the most beautiful baby shower for me and Rosamund.  I am honestly, still overwhelmed by all the love that I felt from those five and all who attended.  If you came and are reading this…THANK YOU!!!  That day means the world to me!!!

One of the hostesses was none other than Tiffany Schwedland.  If you’ve been reading my blog at all, you know this name…she is somehow behind every piece of inspiration I she has b/c she has GOT to be one of the most creative women on the planet!

Anyway, Tiffany took the time to sew for me (and Rosamund) about 7 or 8 onesies…ok, she didn’t “make” the onesies, but she DID make them fabulous by adding all sorts and types of embellishments to them.  Then, they were hung around her house by “laundry lines” and used as the most darling decorations!!!  I didn’t take my camera, but when I get pictures, I’ll post for you all to see.  Trust me, the place looked so darling!!!

So now, I’ve charged myself with the responsibility of creating a little something for Rosamund’s posterior…I’m sure she’ll have the most lovable legs on the planet, but even bad moms like me know to try to keep those limbs covered!!!

For the rest of the week…or as long as she remains warmly in my belly…I’ll do my best to show what I’ve come up with.  WARNING: These pieces are going to be no big treasures.  I don’t expect to win any sorts of awards for the construction of these garments, nor do I expect to take great pictures…. I’m just a mom on a desperate mission to make a few handmade items for my new baby.  Cut me some slack, won’t you!!!  ???

Okay, for tonight – let’s start with two.  I made one set on Saturday, and the second set this evening.

Round #1: “Vintage Baby”

Here is the onesie...sooooo darling!!! I love how she added the black rickrack on top of such a dainty print - so vintage looking!

and I added this little skirt. I already owned some of the same fabric, so that made matching the skirt quite easy - not to mention FREE! I made a tube of black fabric with the dotted fabric, then sewed it up the back. I didn't even make an elastic casing, but instead I sewed the skinny elastic right onto the skirt. I thought it was a great idea, and maybe it was, but the elastic stretched out quite a bit in the process..so I improvised by doing a little pleat/fold over, and attaching buttons. I think it looks intentional. I could be delerious though.

Round #2: Gray Polka Dotted Sleeves

Seriously people, how cute are those polka dotted sleeves??!!??

I added a yellow/white seersucker wrap skirt! I really can't wait to see this on her. I simply cut out a rectangle of the seersucker. Hemmed the sides. Since I used the selvege at the bottom there's no need to hem that - yay! Then I cut a strip of gray fabric and created the waistband/tie. Once she's born, I'll figure out where to put a buttonhole so that the straps/ties can wrap more easily. For now, I just have to wait....

Here’s a peek at some of the other onesies still waiting their turn for their mates…

Everyone needs a Tiffany in their life!

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