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Today, the last day of National Sewing Month, I am hoping to get caught up … I had hoped to post 30 days of reasons to Celebrate Sewing.  I think I managed to post about 19 or so…I lot count of how far behind I am!  So today, September 30th – I hope to post a few times with a few more reasons to celebrate sewing!

First for today – I Celebrate Etsy!

I think I have said before that Etsy came into my life at a time when I really needed encouragement.  I was surprised that people wanted to purchase my dresses.  I was surprised at how encouraging each sale was to my soul!  Thank you Etsy!

Truthfully, what I like most about Etsy is the international community.  I have sold dresses to women in the U.S., Australia, France, England, Japan, TAHITI!, etc.  It’s been super cool.  One of these days I’m going to print out a huge map and put pretty pins everywhere I’ve sent a dress.  (try to hold back from coughing in disbelief that I’ll actually do this!)

What is also super fun about Etsy is that it’s not uncommon for a woman/customer to sort of “get to know” the seller and vice versa.  Hence today’s photo …

By far, my biggest seller is my Team Spirit Dress. I have sold so many of these it makes me cross-eyed to try to count.  Really fun!

I have known that this dress is versatile – can be worn as a dress, a tunic, a mini dress, over jeans, over shorts, with leggins, over a T-shirt, with a cardigan, etc, etc, etc.

But recently, an Etsy customer sent me a photo of her gorgeous self wearing her Team Spirit Dress.  This by far is my FAVORITE TEAM SPIRIT photo EVER!!!

While this beautiful woman doesn’t live in A-Town – I’m convinced this is the Austin Way to Wear a Team Spirit Dress!

Thank you Etsy for introducing me to hundreds of women all over world who love dresses and appreciate hand-made!

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