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I’ve got a few tutorials in the works for the Under $5 & 15 minutes series .. but I’ve also got some Etsy orders that need to be cranked out.  So, for today, I thought I’d show you what’s being mailed today.  This order is a custom order.  The lovely lady loves the original “Ruffled Shoulder Dress” from my Etsy shop.  However, she has a little bit of “artwork” on her arm that she wanted to cover up for a wedding.  So, she asked for longer sleeves.  Also, she wanted something in emerald green to accommodate a ‘fascinator’ head piece that she’d already picked out.  So, I did my best.  I’m delighted with the outcome and just might need on of these myself!

The actual green of the dress is brighter than I could get to appear here. I'm not so great with photo editing ... or photo-taking for that matter! But I do love the longer sleeve length!

And here is the version from my shop:

That’s all for now … can’t wait to chat again!

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I am so behind on taking photos for my shop, and that means that I’ve got lots of little dresses just sitting around waiting for their moment to shine!  Ugh, there aren’t many things sadder than a fun dress not having fun!

I thought I’d share two of those dresses with you….

1. Yes, another Strapless Dress!!!

This is a OOAK, made from Joel Dewberry designer cotton fabric - the most beautiful shade of blue and red...if you've been inside my home, you've seen these two colors ALOT!

Look closely - you'll see that I added a row of the red to the inside of the bodice ruffle...it looks really fun when worn! Especially if you get to slow dance with a tall drink of water!

wow, these pictures are showing up HUGE!!!  =)

2. two new My Ruffle Can Beat Up Your Ruffle Dresses…

I really do love this dress, but for some reason, I don’t sell it too often.  That was, until this summer!  Maybe ruffles are in the air, because this dress has been selling and I’m so happy about that!  The two dresses below are for the SAME lovely lady!  She first purchased the dress in black, then when she received it, she liked it so much she ordered it in another color.  Wow, I think I could take that compliment all day long!!!!

Photo courtesy of Daniele, whose dear husband cut her gorgeous head out of the picture! he still gets kudos for taking the photo!

and in GREEN…

I just mailed this out to her today...hated to see it leave my sewing room! I have decided that Ellie needs one of these too!

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