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Well – we all knew it was too good to be true – 5 days in a row of posting and keeping my commitment!  Yesterday, Day 6, I flubbed.  If you knew how much vomit messy my house was, you’d give me a “Get out of Jail Free” pass instantly! I have chosen not to take photos of this mess, so you’ll have to go on my word!

So, for today – I plan on catching up!

I’ll share my guest blog appearance now … and introduce you to another talented friend of mine tonight!

Right after I sent an email to my sewing cronies about having them appear as guest bloggers here, I was delighted to receive my own invitation to become a guest blogger.  Sooooo exciting!  It was from Kirsten over at www.AllFreeSewing.com.  I am a “Sewing Designer” on that site, and she wrote asking me to blog at her sister site www.FaveCraftsblog.com in honor of … you guessed it, National Sewing Month.

I thought about it for about a millisecond.  Then I replied YES!

Here is what I created for that guestblogger appearance:

A People Pillow! My little darlings forever captured here as little fabric dolls!

I giggle everytime I look at this pillow - kitchy for sure!

If you’d like to see how I made this – using printable fabric – head on over to this post.  And be sure to browse around FaveCraftsBlog.com!

See y’ all tonight!


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