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I’ve got a few tutorials in the works for the Under $5 & 15 minutes series .. but I’ve also got some Etsy orders that need to be cranked out.  So, for today, I thought I’d show you what’s being mailed today.  This order is a custom order.  The lovely lady loves the original “Ruffled Shoulder Dress” from my Etsy shop.  However, she has a little bit of “artwork” on her arm that she wanted to cover up for a wedding.  So, she asked for longer sleeves.  Also, she wanted something in emerald green to accommodate a ‘fascinator’ head piece that she’d already picked out.  So, I did my best.  I’m delighted with the outcome and just might need on of these myself!

The actual green of the dress is brighter than I could get to appear here. I'm not so great with photo editing ... or photo-taking for that matter! But I do love the longer sleeve length!

And here is the version from my shop:

That’s all for now … can’t wait to chat again!

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