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Goodness.  I have missed creating new tutorials lately.

Sadly – this is not a post to remedy that.

However, this IS a post to show that I really did get to wear that scarf that I made several months ago – my very first crochet project.  (Confession: I haven’t crocheted much since – it takes soooo stinking long to crochet something!!!)

I mentioned here that I made this scarf, and I planned to wear it during my time in Montreal.  Well, last week I had my time in Montreal!  It was a GREAT gettaway with my husband — alone.  Just the two of us.  Kind of weird, but really nice.

I tried to snap a few photos of me actually wearing this scarf so that you can 1. see who i am – I don’t post too many photos of myself – for everyone’s benefit!, and 2. see that I really do make use of what I make.

(for the record – I did not love Montreal.  I did, however, LOVE Fabricville in Montreal!)

Here I am at a coffee shop on St. Catherine street - showing off my newly acquired fabric from Fabricville! There was SO much fabric. I am quite certain I was walking around drooling and mumbling like the deranged fabric hoarder that I am!

Here I am leaving the Old Fort area - skyline & scarf = pretty cool shot if you ask me!

This is how me and my scarf feel about signs in French.

I just like this picture. pretend you can see the scarf!

Much love to you all – I’ll post a bit tonight or tomorrow about the kids’ halloween costumes, and then I’ll do my best to get some more tutorials up!  Miss me!

Proudly showing off my scarf AND my husband!

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