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Greetings friends and sewing fans!!!

As I was finally rounding out the race known to me as my first Dress Revolution, my husband and whisked ourselves off to New York City for six days…without kids…SIX DAYS!!!  (read: six gloriously wonderful exciting fun-filled days to do whatever we want with absolutely no chocolate milk anywhere to be found!)

So, of course, I visited Bryant Park. A girl can dream, right!?!

MOOD FABRICS!!!! The dream continued!

One of those six days consisted of a whole day for me BY. MY. SELF. in the the city.  It was wonderful!  I love a great party and I love people…but I have this weird reclusive tendency in me that likes to hide away and be completely anonymous.  This happened wonderfully in my day away as I was able to spend THREE HOURS in Mood Fabrics.  It was dreamy (except for the high prices, cough cough).  Can you imagine if I had taken Jonathan there for three hours?  We’d certainly have ended up in the emergency room trying to diagnose a never-before-seen fabric rash that creeped up all over his body.  Anyway, where was I?  oh yes…

Lots of y'all out there are addicted to chevron patterns, and I totally get it. I, however, am addicted to houndstooth ... and this place had the most wonderful stash ... look at the scale on those teeth...DREAMY!!! At $30 a yard, I decided to just appreciate the fabric as I would the Mona Lisa.

Here's a very friendly sales associate cutting my first bolt ... this is just the softest cotton in the world, I love it!

Yes it was expensive ... but even for this annoyingly frugal girl, It was worth it! I got a free tote bag after all. Thanks Mood! (please tell me you read this using your best Tim Gunn voice!)

Well, let’s move along.  While enjoying my day away, I also strolled around SOHO.  They have some the cutest and most fabulous boutiques you can imagine.  I didn’t get a photo, but in one of the windows was this most darling dress.  Very simple.  Navy blue mostly with an emerald green skirt front.  In other words, a simple navy and green color blocked dress.  Their cost: $800.

My cost ... are you ready for this ... $7.50! (confession: found the fabric on ridiculous sale!) Oh, and someone please pressure me into using my "real" camera, this is getting stupid!

Well, that’s it.  That’s a quick synopsis of my time in NYC – atleast the fabric portion.  I’m sure I’ll be showing you projects made with the fabric I purchased.  For now… since you read all the way down …. Let’s do a Giveway!


First one to comment with the correct answer wins a ZIPPER POUCH!

I thought you might like to see a photo of my hubs ... he's so hot! Here we are at a coffee shop on the upper west side. I think it was called Cafe LaLa. SO YUMMY!

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