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Hi y’all!!!  I have been enjoying a WONDERFUL vacation in Colorado the past 9 days – I cannot tell you how much more comfortable life on a mountain is compared to life on the sun!  We all had a fabulous time.  I even managed to enjoy myself WITHOUT my sewing machine.  weird & shocking, but true!

However, I was JONESING!!!  So tonight, in true me fashion, I had to make something uber quick to satisfy the sewing withdrawal symptoms.  I chose to make something for Owen.  Yes, you read that right.  Something for Owen.

While Owen is only 5, I can assure you he has very particular demands taste when it comes to his clothes.  Nothing itchy, nothing bulky, nothing sleeves, you get the point.  Even his choices for fabric prints are very particular.  This is why you almost never see anything on this blog made for him.  In his mind, he has good taste.  In my mind he’s boring!

Fortunately, last month, while browsing Etsy for fun fabric for a baby shower gift I came across this fabulous print – RV CAMPERS!!!

The only thing better would be if these were food trailers! Amen!?!?

If you’ve never been to Austin, just take my word for it – these are EVERYWHERE HERE!!!  As of tonight, they are even in my home.

Michael Kors might call these "underwhelming" ... but he knew Owen, he'd realize they're perfect! I made these while Owen is asleep, so I chose not to add pockets. I'll ask his permission when he wakes up to put them on, though ... I doubt he'll go for it. Like I said - boring!

Want to know a little secret???

You have to promise not to tell Owen that I made these pajamas from this pattern…

ha! Revenge is sweet - even for a doting mother!!!

These were super easy and super fast and pretty cheap – $6.  ($5 for the fabric and $1 for the pattern)  My only regret is that I didn’t buy a ton more of this fabulous fabric!

Have a great night – see you in a day or two!

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Today’s DIY project came about completely by accident. LITERALLY! At 10:00pm, I began working frantically to create a new dress for February’s birthstone – Amethyst. I am trying to create a new dress each month for my Etsy shop – using that month’s birthstone as the poster color. Well, I’ve been thinking all day about what I was going to do…simple neckline, slight a-line, fun, flirty ruffley thing on the bottom. Well….let’s just say things didn’t go as planned. And certainly, the dress looked WAY better in my head than in real life. I suppose that little “frantically” part might have played some role.
As I began sewing and serging, I just kept making error after error after error, until finally, there wasn’t even a hint of what the original neckline looked like. AAARGH. By then, it was 10:45pm – what’s a girl to do???

Make Pajamas!

So, I decided to turn the entire piece into a strategically haphazard night gown! I serged the edges of the neckline and armholes, and then I decreased the size of the ruffle at the bottom as I randomly placed the gathers around the bottom edge. Now, I completely admit that this is NEVER something I would sell or even discuss beyond tonight…but it has kept me on track with my DIY 365 challenge. I never said I was going to make something “fabulous” every day, I just said I was going to make something! Feel free to heckle….the best heckling comment by Saturday night, will win a set of napkins! Go ahead, I can take it!!!

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