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I have a small sheet of paper in my handly little note pad where I mapped out all the things I wanted to post for So Celebrate National Sewing Month.  Needless, to say, I have not even come close to completing that list.  Sigh.

One of the things on that list, however, is Fabric YoYos!

I had totally overlooked this on my list until I attended a baby shower on Saturday morning.  Darling Sarah Brumit gave the most darling onesies to our friend Lindsey … one she handpainted the sweetest polka dot trail, and the other she sewed three fabric yoyos across the top.  I so wish I had taken a picture of these little wonders because they were SO cute!

I hadn’t originally planned on doing a tutorial for yoyos – I was just going to show a few ways that they can be used as sweet and sassy embellishments … BUT… when I asked Sarah if she made her yoyos herself, she said no.  What!?!  Could it be that Sarah doesn’t know how?  If that’s the case —- I really need to remedy that for her!  Hence, today’s post – How to Make a Fabric YoYo!

All you need is a circle of fabric, a needle & thread, and an iron.

Press the edges of the circle to the inside just a small little bit.

Take your needle & thread and sew a basting stitch all the way around the circle. When you get back to where you started, gently pull on the thread and the sides will pull themselves into the center!

Tie a knot with the thread, press flat. You're done. Hilarious how easy that is, huh!?!

I added a covered button in the center and attached it to a fast and easy headband for Ellie.

And I made a pin / brooch out of another one. Just cut a circle of felt, sew the pin to the circle and hot glue it onto the back.

Fabric YoYos...any YoYo can make 'em!

There’s today’s little ditty about sewing celebrating.  I hope to see you again tonight… to catch up!?!?


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As you may know, 2 weeks ago I participated in Sew, Mama, Sew’s Giveaway Day.  It was so much fun – I visited all kins of awesome blogs and won THREE things!!!

Well, I gave away 2 dresses.  One from my blog and one from my Etsy shop.

The blog winner chose a navy blue strapless dress with a yellow/white seersucker sash.  So that’s what I just finished for her.  I think it’s so cute and classy.  ….   ….   …. and a little bit boring.  So….. I added something.  Just the simplest, sweetest, nicest little flower pin. If I like it, I thought you might, too.  So, here’s a free tutorial on how to make these easy breezy things.  They DEFINITELY fall into the Under $5 and 15 minutes series!

Here's the pin attached at the bodice top. So sweet, right!?!


Okay… Let’s make ’em!

As (almost) always - start with your scrap selections. For this pin, I chose 2 fabrics for the flower and a darker fabric for the covered button in the center. You can have as many layers as you want.

Determine how big you want the pin. Cut out 5 circles to that size. Then cut 4 circles a little bit smaller. Of course I didn't measure my smaller ones, I just cut them smaller. They're probably about an inch narrower, but just go with what feels right. These are meant to be slightly imperfect. That's the beauty of them!

Apply fusible interfacing to one of the Large circles. This is the back of the pin, so use the strongest interfacing you have. (Also, I forgot to photograph, but you'll need a circle of felt cut to this size as well)

Now, to begin assembling your flower, start with the 4 remaining large circles. Fold in half, right side out. Then fold in half again. You'll end up with 4 triangles instead of 4 circles.

Lay each of the 4 triangles on top of the interfaced circle as shown.

I suppose you could hand-sew this next step ... but yeah right. I just walk over to the machine and do the fastest, easiest little zig zag stitch. Nothing big or fancy, just enough to hold down each triangle in the center.

Now fold your small circles into the same triangle forms and place on top of the others. And yes, go do that ziggy zaggy thing again.

Cover a button, sew it in the center (yes, I did handsew it on! amazing!). Then, start digging through your stash to find that long lost pin attachment.

Now, find that felt circle that has fallen somewhere down around your workspace or into the kids' sandwiches. Keep tinkering with it until you have cut two snips for both ends to fit through nicely.

AND ... HOT GLUE that felt piece right onto the backside of the interfaced circle...make sure that you position it with the pin sticking out!

Pin it to something. Stand Back. Admire. Smile.

So that’s it.

It really is super easy and super fun.  I want a million of these.  You can attach them to elastic headbands, shirts, purses, shoes, even a dog collar!  Seriously y’all – go make some!


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