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I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself glued to the television and to NPR today.  Much like ten years ago, I can’t seem to hear enough about the details of that day.  It’s funny, isn’t it, how in just a moment or with just a picture we can be transported right back to that day – as if it was yesterday.

I remember that day, even menial details of the day, so vividly.  I’m sure you do, too.  My parents always spoke of the Kennedy assassination by first saying, “I know exactly where I was when I got the news.”  I used to think that was crazy.  Now I understand.  Almost as if frozen in a viewfinder, I can see myself, my husband, our friends visiting from NY, and the Boston skyline.  It began as such a beautiful day, didn’t it.

Well – today it seemed kind of strange and disingenuous to post a How-T0 Craft project … but I also wanted to keep up with Celebrate Sewing month.  So I found a solution.  What I call a “Message Pillow.”  “A pillow that has a message.

I don’t think any sentiment could be more accurate on a day like today.  I know for sure I really will remember that day for the rest of my life.  So, I feel confident this pillow will be an asset to my home!

If you’d like to make one, here’s how I did it:

I created a Word document so that I could print out the numbers and letters to use as templates. (My daughter snuck up and erased one of the 1's...)

Then, just before I noticed that the other 1 was missing, I printed the document on Inkjet Fabric Sheets using the "best quality photo" setting. (These are photocopying pages made out of cotton fabric!)

Peel off the backing on the fabric sheets. Apply Heat And Bond to the message - before cutting out the letters and numbers precisely.

Then, cut out the characters and pull of the backing to th e Heat and Bond. Take a straight edge, and row by row determine the placement of your message.

Iron on the characters row by row. I like to put a piece of cheese cloth over the message first, then do another ironing once they're nice and set.

Your first row will look like this.

Then like this.

You can stop with just the Heat and Bond, but I like to actually sew the pieces to the pillow.

Trim off all those threads, finish up your pillow form and stuff. You've got a message on a pillow.

I love that this technique is SO easy and SO fun – you can pretty much create a pillow to “say” whatever is on your mind…

Like this one from Alexandraferguson.Etsy.com

Or this one from Olivehandmade.Etsy.com

I hope you’ll make one of these for yourself … but maybe one with a slightly more upbeat message …. like


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