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I love decorating for Christmas.  If I could, I’d have a tree in every room, wreaths on each window, real-live garland hanging over every doorpost.  Christmas decorating is fun to me.  I am, however, not usually the mom who decorates for every season.  I have been perfectly content to let Valentines, Easter, Fourth of July and dare I say it …. even Halloween (GASP!) go by without much decorating.  I think it’s the exhaustion factor.  =)

This year I want to change that.  I want my kids to begin having memories of a house filled with anticipation for lots of holidays and special events.  So, I’m starting with Halloween.  And —- I’m starting by including the kids in the process.

Owen, Ellie and myself spend a few hours together a few Saturdays ago to make this really fun and happy Halloween Banner (or bunting, for you official types).

It really was easy – Owen is 6, Ellie is 4 – and they will vouch for me – it was easy and fun.  (Confession: the hardest part is for mom – it is very difficult to allow this to look like a kid project.  I resisted the temptation to erase all child-like evidence … and I’m glad I did!  Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, but mostly it’s true!)

Sorry for the blurry shot but kids are a little challenging to work with! ... Draw the 3 sections of a candy corn, and assign each child one to trace and cut out many times on felt pages. I think we cut out 22 of each.

Once you have all 3 sections cut out many times, begin placing them in order - this is the preparation for sewing. You could skip this step if you make this without kids ... but I liked letting the kids see what they had been making.

While it's true that working with kids can be a little, shall we say ... free form...

... a little snip with some scissors cleans it up a bit. (I simply sewed each layer onto the next. Then I trimmed the sides.)

Once again we laid them all out to admire our work. Then, I chose some black and white ribbon and attached the candy corns with my machine.

I didn't measure the distance between each candy corn - but I suppose, if you're crazy, you could. Regardless, you'll end up with something like this.

And then you'll hang the banner in a prominent spot for all to see and admire. I chose to hang our banner so that the "front" / more polished side is facing the door.

You can see here the other side - and all it's lovely and perfect imperfections - I chose to not erase or cover up all the ink marks, etc. I am, however, considering turning the banner around so that it does look more perfect to passers by ... who knows.

Regardless what side is facing where, I just love this project because I love the memories we made.  I can’t wait to do it again for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, blah blah blah.

Cost: About $4 – felt is so cheap.  I bought the ribbon on sale for $2.

Time: without kids – about an hour.  WITH KIDS – an eternity…I kid.  about 2 hours.

If you make your own – please do send photos – I’d love to see your little ones’ at work!!!


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