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One of the most common requests I receive via my Etsy shop goes a little something like this, “Can you make me one of your Team Spirit dresses except with sleeves?”  This request is usually preceded or followed by a derogatory comment regarding the requestors arms.  For some reason, women tend to hate their arms.

Well, tonight, after years of turning customers down … I can now say YES!  YES, I can offer you the Team Spirit Dress with SLEEVES.  I’ll even double your order by adding in-seam pockets if you want.

I am swooning over this jewel-toned if not total LEMON hued cotton fabric!

I am really really excited about this.  In the off chance that we experience winter in Texas this year, I think having one (okay, FIVE) of these long-sleeved versions will be awesome!

While, of course, my photos are ridiculously lousy (and I’m not ashamed about this because I have three lovely children who call me mom and not photographer…), here are a few shots of the details of this dress.

The bodice is exactly the same - except, of course, for the pleated sleeved shoulders.

I moved the ruffle to the bottom of the sleeves. No need to worry - the ruffle is still there!

My second highest request is for pockets - so I've added them as an add-on option as well. If you want to save money, leave them off and get a cross-body stachel for your lipstick!

I just might pretend it's cold here tomorrow so that I can wear this. I'm thinking ... gray patterned tights and dark gray peep toe booties. No wait ... no tights, knee high socks and fabulous leather boots. No wait....

All in all, I’m really excited about creating a “new” version of the Team Spirit dress.  It was a fun day!


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