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Most of you probably know that we spent pretty much all of last year selling our home, moving into a tiny apartment, and then finally moving into our new home.  Whew – I’m so glad that’s all over.  We are LOVING our new home and, more importantly, our new neighborhood.

I am telling the truth … we had been in our new home for all of 5 minutes before someone hollered across the street, “Welcome home!”  A few minutes later, another family stopped by to say hello and welcome.  After only two hours, we had been greeted EIGHT times!!!  This may not seem all that ground-breaking to those of you who’ve been living in Pleasantville all your life – but for us…this was a miracle!!!  We lived in our former home for almost 6 years, and we were always greeted by people looking the other way when they walked by-  even if they were on the same side of the sidewalk!!!

Here is our new home!

Here is our new home!

So, anyway, while we were waiting to move in, I whipped up a little diddy I call my Address Pillow.  I knew I was going to put our old Ikea benches on the front porch.  I knew I did not want to paint them.  Alas, I also knew they needed painting!  So, I decided to amp them up a bit by putting a large pillow with our street address on one of them.


I used a heavy weight black and white ticking fabric for the pillow. For the numbers, I used a heavy weight felt.


Don’t y’all want to come on over??!!! (soon there will be a mustache pillow on the other bench)


I just freehanded the numbers, then attached them with a zigzag stitch all the way around BEFORE sewing the sides of the pillow. If you need more direction, just print out your numbers in your favorite font from your home printer, then use that as your template. Also, if your porch isn’t covered, you’ll want to use indoor/outdoor fabric – or give it a good Scotch Guard treatment.

I don’t know about you, but I really really like the pillow.  Another true story – when I meet people in the neighborhood, they invariably say, “OH, yours is the house with the pillow!”  I grin.  Inside I do a little jump and skip combo.


Blah blah blah.

here’s the breakdown:

Time: This project probably took about an hour.  I didn’t get too caught up in making my numbers perfect, I just enjoyed the process.  You’ll need to make two pillows – one for the lining and the other for the outside, so it takes a little extra time.

Cost: Hmmm.  Felt – about $2 because I bought the good stuff.  Fabric – I purchased better ticking than I usually would since it’s an outside pillow, so I think I paid about $10.  NOTE: I will make 2 pillows with that fabric, though.  So, the real cost is $5 … bringing the pillow’s total to a whopping $7.  Bam.

So, whattya think?  Are you going to make one????

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