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What is most exciting about this project is the ridiculously low “cost per wear” of these used-to-be-jeans.  Originally, these were purchased for my son when was 3 years old.  They are a size 4T, so their intent was to be purchased big in order for him to wear them a long time.  And that he did!  As he grew, I cut them off to be worn as cutoff shorts last summer.  Nice!  (Have you realized that stores are selling cutoff shorts for about $30!?!)

Well, this summer Owen is almost 6 and can no longer wear them.  BUT WAIT!  Ellie is 4!  The show – er um CUTOFFS – must go on!

I just love them … and wait til you see the back!

Here’s how I did it…

I cuffed the shorts to the length I wanted them to be on Ellie and then pressed the creases. This gave me a line to cut so that I could cut all the way around accurately.

After I cut off the excess length, I created a flower 'stem' using extra wide rick rack. Pinned it down and sewed a straight stitch right down the middle.

I created a fabric flower and hand sewed it to the top of the stem. Then, for extra pizazz I added a covered button. You pretty much have to hand sew these ... trust me, if there's ever a way around hand sewing I will take it!

Then I created little hearts and sewed them on - again by hand, with embroidery thread so it's extra sturdy.

Ellie wanted flowers and hearts. I, of course, wanted RUFFLES! So I added them to the legs.

And here is what I/we ended up with ... just a fun pair of ragamuffin cutoff shorts that I love .. and I'm pretty sure she does too!

So once again… this project was FREE!

I used an old pair of cutoffs and scrap fabric.  If you don’t have any official scraps, please please please don’t buy any fabric for this … just find something in your closet that you don’t wear anymore and cut it up!  How fun!

That’s all for now.

Please remember to check out my latest venture: Austin City Craft.  The blog is completely in it’s infancy, but you’ll get the point!

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I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve been freaking out to make something fun!  Before you call 9-1-1, rest assured that while my blog has been quiet…I HAVE BEEN MAKING THINGS…just not things that I can love for myself!  I’ve been making possible “looks” for the SXSW Etsy Fashion Show and the prototype bridesmaid’s dress for a wedding I’m hired for.  So, yes, busy.  Fun…well, only sometimes!


Can't get enough of all these punchy Spring colors!


1. So Fast – seriously, y’all – 5 minutes.  (I put hamburger meat on the stove and ran upstairs to do this while it browned!)

2. So Cheap – total cost – $5.50..and i can make THREE of these so it really only cost about $1.75.

3. So Easy – you’ll see….just wait….soooo easy!!!

I first saw these during my sewing weekend that I had with my pals Tiffany, Faith and Jeana.  Both Tiffany and Faith walked in wearing one of these…I think Tiff’s was black and Faith’s was gray…I could be wrong…regardless, they were both fabulous!  I have been obsessed ever since!

Here’s how to do it:

Go thrifting (at a store or your closet) and find all the colors of T shirts that you want. Faith gave me a great tip - be sure you choose only really soft ones b/c the firmer ones don't shrivel up or stretch correctly! For my necklace, I bought 4 colors...if I'd had more time I probably would've gotten 30!

For each shirt, cut off the hem at the bottom.

For each necklace, begin cutting strips off the bottom. I cut 3 of each color...I didn't measure their widths, I just cut them skinny. You can do whatever width you want!

here are my strips...The really deep orange T-shirt wasn't sewn well on the sides, so I only kept one strip for the necklace. i decided to use the broken strips to tie the whole thing together. One thing i didn't get a photo of - put all your strips together and begin stretching them to the same length. I think it will take a while for this to happen, but it's pretty fun!

Then, just take a small strip of one of the Tshirt strips and begin wrapping it around the group of strips...I should clarify - these aren't 'strips' really, they're circles! Anyway, wrap the strip around the circles, then tie it off and trim the excess. Then, little missy, you have yourself a fabulous necklace!!

Here is again, for an encore! I am grunting I love this so much!!!

I’m wearing mine right now over a fun white T-shirt and it just looks sooooo bright and fresh.  I wish I could snap a photo but i’m not that great of a contortionist!

Again – this is so easy, so fast and so cheap…what could be better???

If you’d like to have one just like mine…..leave me a comment between now and Friday night….how about suggesting my next tutorial???

happy thrifting, shirting, cutting and wearing!

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