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WOWzers!  Sew, Mama, Sew’s Giveaway Day was a smashing success – I have really enjoyed reading your comments (almost 300 of them!) and visiting your blogs.  It will take me a while to visit each blog, but I’m on my way and enjoying the process.  Plus, I even WON a giveaway, too!  I won a journal cover from PSPHYLLISSEWS – hollah!  AND, as I am typing this I learned that I have also won a darling clutch!!!

Like I said, I had almost 300 entries on my blog and over 150 entries in my Etsy shop.  So, in total, everyone had about a 2 in 450 chance of winning a dress.  Not too bad!

Before I announce the winner, I wanted to let you in on a little secret …..

Are you being quiet?

Do you have your library voice on?

From now through Sunday night, I’m offering anyone who participated in the Giveaway but DID NOT win….

20% OFF any STRAPLESS DRESS in my shop.

(My shop is on vacation for a few days, so contact me for details and photos!)

And now for the winner…………….


as in lgiesting17

(I used a random number generator from the internet, and it led me to Lisa. Congratulations!  I’ve sent you an email…please respond by tomorrow afternoon, or I’ll need to select another winner)

I would also like to welcome my new subscribers …HEY Y’ALL!

Okay, coming up soon – more tutorials … still working on the placemat tutorial, slipcover tutorial, and the reverse applique tutorial.  Those will all be out in a few days.  Yummy, I can’t wait!

Oh wait…I need to post a photo, don’t I???

How about a picture of another strapless dress?

Again, feel free to take 20% off until Sunday!

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Well, you may have noticed from my last, eh, “tutorial”…that the very creative, crafty, and NEWLY APPOINTED DOULA Megan Bailey is the winner of the Strapless Dress giveaway…way to go megan!

I finished up her dress not long ago…and thought I’d share it with you.

****Please note – I’ll be posting the reverse of this dress very soon for purchase…$65 (this means that the belt fabric shown will be the main fabric in the dress for sale, and vice versa!)

I love how these fabrics are both "Groovy" and "Modern" at the same time!

If you know Megan, then hopefully you agree with me - she's gonna look SOOOOO fabulous in this!

That’s all for tonight.

I ended up getting a Z-pack prescribed, so hopefully I’ll be back ‘normal’ soon!

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Whew, today’s DIY project made it in by the skin of my teeth…here it is 10:45 pm on a Friday night…I’ll admit, I almost didn’t take the time to do it, but my need to stay on target prevailed.  I mean, come on! It’s only the first week, I’ve 51 to go!

So, I had to come up with something easy….so I chose this:  A BUTTERFLY HEADBAND

As you’ll see, it’s just that – a headband with a butterfly on it.

I took a headband from my stash and grabbed a packaged “butterfly”…don’t worry folks, it’s made of feathers not hungry catapillars.  Then, I hotglued them together.  Cost: $1.15.  Time: 3 minutes…and most of that was locating the headband!  Read on for the winner of the Giveaway for this week….

And now…the winner of my first Giveaway contest…..IS….

Congratulations!!!!  Let me know which you choose – the Four Leaf Clover Ring  or one of the Potholder sets and I’ll get it in the mail to you on Monday!

Coming up in the near future:

covered button bracelet, napkins, reversible headbands….etc, etc, etc.

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